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Speed Up Google Chrome – Learn How to Speed Up Google Chrome

1293789615 84 Speed Up Google Chrome   Learn How to Speed Up Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the fastest web browsers available online. normally it performs very well but in some cases its starts creating problems. There are multiple errors reported by users about its malfunctioning. Commonly raised issues are slow performance, crashing, problem with Flash player and redirection.

In this article we will talk about how you can speed up Google Chrome and fix browser related issues.

There are various problems in this browser (Chrome) and easiest one to fix is its slow speed. if your browser is performing slower then simply you should remove browser and system junk and tune up internal Windows settings. this way your browser would perform faster.

Below are outlined few steps to make your browser super fast:

* First thing to do is to clean your Windows registry. By cleaning registry you would not only speed up Google chrome but also advanced technology used in registry cleaner tool would help you fix most browser related issues including crashes and freezes. one of the most important areas of operating system is registry and too much load in this portion makes browser slow.

* When we continuously browse the web then a large amount of junk is saved in form of download history, cookies and temporary files as well as Internet history files. we do not remove this junk often and this is also a reason why browser performs slower and crashes often. There is internal option in Google Chrome that you can use to remove these unnecessary files to enjoy fast browsing, however, most people use external application for browser optimization. using external software would also help you fix errors inside registry.

* Add-ons in the browser are really helpful but some of these create problem for browsers to work smoothly.. It would be wise to delete excessive add-ons. this action would surely help you.

* Junk files in Windows are also become a reason of slow performance in both system and browser. Remove this junk data regularly regularly using some best PC optimization tool.

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HTTP Status 500 –

1293703231 82 HTTP Status 500

type Exception report


description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.

exception java.lang.RuntimeException: Illegal character in path at index 100:</link><guid?qr=1 com.polopoly.siteengine.dispatcher.mode.RequestUrlFactory.createRequestUrl( com.polopoly.siteengine.dispatcher.mode.RequestedUrlInRequest.storeRequestUrl( com.polopoly.siteengine.dispatcher.mode.RequestedUrlInRequest.saveRequestedUrlIfNotAlreadySaved( com.polopoly.siteengine.dispatcher.mode.ModeUrlTranslatorFilter.doFilter( com.polopoly.util.CharEncodingFilter.doFilter( com.polopoly.application.servlet.ApplicationHeartbeatFilter.doFilter( newsday.dispatcher.LegacyBlogUrlDispatcher.doFilter( example.filter.LoginNameCookieValidationFilter.doFilter( newsday.dispatcher.OldLinkDispatcher.doFilter(

note The full stack trace of the root cause is available in the Apache Tomcat/5.5.29 logs.

Apache Tomcat/5.5.29

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How to speed up your mac with a Solid State SSD Drive

1293616811 24 How to speed up your mac with a Solid State SSD Drive

I just upgraded  the boot drive on my Mac pro to an SSD drive and it’s by far the biggest speed enhancement I’ve experienced on any computer! the speed increase is incredible – almost hard to believe – boot time went from 60 seconds to under 30 seconds, and applications launch instantly – no bouncing dock icon.

Now you could upgrade your entire hard drive but with a 480G SSD drive costing $1579.99, it’s not a cheap option!  But you can upgrade just to a smaller boot drive (a 60G drive costs $139) to run OSX and your applications. this means your system files and applications are on the new SSD drive, but your user data (iphoto, itunes etc) stay on your old Hard Disk.

An SDD drive looks the same shape as a traditional drive, making it easier to install, but it uses memory instead of a hard disk so it is much, much faster. If your computer is a bit old and slow this may be a better solution than upgrading your whole computer because often it’s not the processor speed that slows things down but the hard drive.

This is not for the beginner, it’s quite technical, but here’s how to do it.

1. Work out how big a boot drive you need.

Everything except your user data will go on the boot drive. to work out how much space you need, do this:

(a) find your total disk usage. Click on your hard drive and press Apple-I, check how much space is used. For me it’s 587 Gig:

(b) find your user folder usage. Select your user folder (the onew with a house as an icon – this is where all your documents, music, movies, photos etc are stores) and press Apple-I, it may take a while to calculate it.) If you have more than one user, you’ll need to do it for each folder and add them up. I only have one user and for me it was 550GB:

Subtract (b) from (a) to give you the amount needed for your boot drive.

587GB – 550GB = 37GB.  I need 37GB for all my apps and system software. A 40GB drive would just to it, so I went for a 60GB drive.  I ordered a 60GB Mercury Extreme Pro SSD from Other World Computing for US$139.

2. Connect the Hard Drive to your mac.

For a mac pro it simply connects into the spare optical bay slot – no adapters needed, a 30 second operation – see how here.Difficulty: easy – 30 seconds.

For a new aluminium mac mini it can replace one of the internal drives.Difficulty: moderate.

For a macbook or macbook pro you’ll need replace the internal optical drive with your old Hard Drive (OWC provide a kit to do this here) then to put the SSD drive where your old Hard Drive was. the other (more expensive)is to  order a very large SSD drive and replace your old hard drive with it, but this will be more costly.Difficulty: very hard.

iMac: forget getting inside it! your best option is to put it in an enclosure leaving it plugged in all the time.

3. Format the SSD Drive using disk utility.

After your SDD drive is plugged in you’ll need to power on your computer and use Disk Utility to format it – Mac OS Extended (Journaled):

4. Copy everything except your user directory onto the new boot drive.

Now you need to copy your system folder and applications onto your SSD drive. You can’t do this by hand – there are hidden files that need to be copied, so use Carbon Copy Cloner. using Carbon Copy Cloner, select your boot drive as the target Disk and then select Incremental backup:

Now select your main hard drive as the source disk, but then deselect your main user directory so that you don’t copy across all your user data (it won’t fit!)

Click Clone and your boot disk will be created on the SSD disk.

5. Reboot from the new SSD boot drive.

Under System Preferences click Startup Drive select the SSD Drive, then restart! (wow – notice how fast it is!)

Since it is now looking for your user data on the new drive, it won’t find anything and so your desktop and dock will be the default ones and all your files will be missing. Don’t panic – in the next step we will get your old files back.

6. Select your old User folder.

Go to system preferences, then accounts,  then click the lock to make changes, and control-click the main user account and click Advanced Options.

In the advanced options tab choose your old user directory, which is back on your original hard drive.

Your computer will tell you that you need to restart, and when you restart you will be running off your new boot drive,with your user directory on your old hard disk.

So how fast is it? Here’s a demo of how quickly applications launch from my new SSD drive…


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iTWire – Free Need For Speed geets three meellion

1293602411 75 iTWire   Free Need For Speed geets three meellionThursday, 23 Dec 2010

VoIPkb is offering the first “official” FreeSWITCH training in Sydney, Australia.the FreeSWITCH Training Bootcamp is a full 3-day intensive training providing in-depth coverage of FreeSWITCH installation, configuration, maintenance and programming. you will learn, step by step, how to configure, manage and program the FreeSWITCH telephony soft switch in great detail. Tips and tricks in debugging and optimizing FreeSWITCH are also taught.January 17th – 19th, 2011Sydney, Australiavoipkb.comLocation: Equinix is located in Unit B, 639 Gardeners Road Mascot, Sydney, NSW 2020. There is abundant parking available at the facility. Equinix is 2.2 km from the airport and 6.2 km from Sydney CBDThese courses are official FreeSWITCH training courses. This course will be taught by Darren Schreiber, one of the co-authors of the new FreeSWITCH book. who should attend: * VoIP providers seeking “Open Source” platforms to enhance their businesses * anyone seeking proficiency in FreeSWITCH * Network Consultants and VARs who need a jump start in the technology * Developers who want to use FreeSWITCH to create new telephony applications and appliancesTopics that will be covered in this course: * Install FreeSWITCH on a Linux Machine * Understanding configuration files and the default configuration * call authentication and routing basics * Integration modules (mod_skypiax, mod_dingaling for Skype/GTalk/XMPP integration) * Understanding presence * Load balancing and high availability * FreeSWITCH Internals * how to debug and troubleshoot FreeSWITCH * Building Custom C Modules * Advanced ModulesThis first FreeSWITCH training course in Australia will be a mixture of lectures and hands-on lab exercises. by the end of the third day students will have completed a number of labs that allow for the successful installation and configuration of a working soft switch that will process calls from within the classroom and from outside numbers and make various routing decisions. if time allows and interest is present, students will also compile a basic custom C module that introduces new dialplan and API commands into the FreeSWITCH system.

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Tech Beat: No new computer this year? Try a computer tune-up

1293530415 89 Tech Beat: No new computer this year? Try a computer tune up

The holidays and the arrival of the new Year always signal a time of change and renewal. If there is no new computer under the Christmas tree this year, you may consider a tune-up to improve the performance of your old PC so it runs like new (or almost new). a checklist we use at 3rd Eye Computing is a good example of how you can boost performance and reduce error messages by deleting unwanted temporary files, cleaning up system clutter.

In previous Tech Beat articles we discussed common tech-related problems or decisions, most of which center around what to get, but boosting the speed of a tired, old computer that has slowed down can be just as rewarding. even though the average lifespan of most computers is generally three to five years, you can actually prolong your system’s life with a few simple steps.

Let’s stroll down maintenance lane and visit the advice that tech experts offer about keeping your computer in tip-top shape:

De-clutter the hard drive: Dubbed “digital packrats” by Wired magazine, online hoarders typically clutter their hard drives with an endless stream of documents, photos and downloads, which they never delete. This slows down your PC speed considerably. to make your system run faster and create more disk space, organize your folders and delete documents and e-mails that have been sitting around for months. an easy solution is a web storage service, which allows you to save all your data online and avoid bulking up your hard drive.

Defragment the hard drive: Our tech expert recommends defragging your hard drive every month. The good news is that if you use either Windows 7 or Vista, your computer automatically takes care of this. The process of defragmenting lines up previously scattered files and puts them in order so your computer can access them more quickly, which helps speed up your computer.

Update drivers: Drivers maintain the necessary communication between your system’s operating system and its devices (keyboard, printer, etc.). In a future article about drivers, we will explain the importance of keeping the drivers up to date because it allows Windows to either fully utilize all the features of the peripheral or (more commonly) to correct problems with previous versions of the drivers.

Add RAM: RAM is memory and hard drive is space; users often get these two mixed up. Add more RAM if you receive messages about low memory. This also helps increase computer speed.

Automatic updates and antivirus protection: The importance of running an efficient antivirus program and updating it regularly is key to maintaining a healthy computer that is free from viruses and malware. These nasty invaders can cause considerable harm to your system, the most dangerous of which is stealing credit card and banking information. In addition, it’s important to install the updates for your operating system.

Fix broken registries, clear browser history: an easy solution to tuning up your computer is to run programs like system Mechanic or Perfect Speed. These types of programs perform all-in-one tasks, from speeding up slow computers, to defragging the hard drive, to clearing browser history and performing registry repairs to enhance overall PC performance.

Improve Mac Performance

In case you’re using Apple products, here are a few tips to tune up a Macintosh:

Clean out Startup Items — You can find out what is in your startup items list by navigating to Apple Menu > system Preferences > Accounts > Login Items. You may be surprised at how many there are. to remove them, simply select the item by clicking on its name and then hit the “minus” button at the bottom of the list. However, be sure that you know what you’re removing; otherwise you may kill some critical function for the next time you restart.

Clean out ‘Other’ system Preferences — Don’t close system Preferences yet! Take a peek in the bottom section of your system Preferences window, labeled “Other.” how many items are down there? do you know what they do? do you use what they do?

If there is a Preference Pane that you don’t use or that you use only occasionally, disable it (either turn it “off” within the Preference Pane itself or remove it from the folder “~/Library/PreferencePanes”).

Evaluate your Widgets — If you’re using Mac OS X 10.4.x “Tiger,” you have probably played around with the Dashboard. There are hundreds of useful widgets available, most for free, but there are many that you won’t use, even if they are very helpful to others. This includes some that came with Tiger. It takes RAM and processor power to keep these widgets running, even when Dashboard is hidden — so a judicious evaluation of what widgets you do use can boost computing efficiency nicely.

Clean off your hard drive — It doesn’t matter how large your hard drive is, eventually it will begin to fill up. Whether it is a huge I-photo library, some videos you’re editing or simply accumulation of lots of “stuff,” a full hard drive can cause problems. You may not realize that Mac OS X (and the Classic Mac OS, too) uses the free space on your hard drive as “virtual memory,” and it depends heavily on that virtual memory to run efficiently. If you’re starting to feel sluggish, it may be because your drive is too full. There are lots of ways to clean it off — maybe a different article will cover that — but sometimes a little more free space is all you need to be at peak performance again.

Want to meet other PC and Mac power-users? Join and become active in the Redwood Technology Consortium (

Terry Olgin owns 3rd Eye Computer Service, a managed service provider business, and is a member of the Redwood Technology Consortium. Check out his blog at He can be reached at

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Potters Bar motorists caught on speed camera

1293516019 20 Potters Bar motorists caught on speed camera

SPEEDING motorists are being told to take their foot off the gas – or pay the price.

Police from the Potters Bar safer neighbourhood team spent a day clocking cars driving through Baker Street, as part of a speed enforcement operation.

The road has become a known problem area for speeding, with complaints being made by both residents and the staff and parents of nearby Pope Paul School.

In just two hours, police using speed guns caught five cars driving over the 30mph limit – the fastest being 50mph – issuing each with a £60 penalty and three points on their licence.

And Pc Graham Tippett said the exercise would not be a one-off.

“It would appear that from the speeds some people drive in Potters Bar, we will need to be doing many more speed enforcement operations,” he said.

The officers were joined by Potters Bar Community Safety Partnership chairman John Godfrey and Hertsmere deputy mayor Peter Knell.

Mr Godfrey said: “There is a speed board up that indicates to people what their speed is, and while some people slowed down, others were just oblivious to it.

“A lot of people have complained along that road and I think far more needs to be done. this has been going on for too long.”

Cllr Knell added: “We got quite a few people doing well over 30mph in a built up residential area of Potters Bar.

“It was a very informative day.

“These guns are spot on. People driving big cars don’t realise they’re doing 35 to 40mph while barely touching the pedal.”

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How to Watch Live Streams TV Shows Nbc, Espn, Fox, Cbs, NFL Network and Nbc without Paying Monthly Fees

1293444012 53 How to Watch Live Streams TV Shows Nbc, Espn, Fox, Cbs, NFL Network and Nbc without Paying Monthly Feesadvertisement by drewesque

How to Watch Live Streams TV Shows Nbc, Espn, Fox, Cbs, NFL Network and Nbc without Paying Monthly Fees

It is possible to watch live streams TV shows on Nbc, Espn, Fox, Cbs, NFL Network and Nbc online for absolutely free using pc TV software called the satellite digital TV package. This is simple yet powerful software that comes with more than 3500 TV channels from streaming live TV online. you can watch hundred of TV channels online including the NFL football games for absolutely free of charge. find the software to watch live streams TV shows on Nbc, Espn, Fox, Cbs, NFL Network and Nbc here: how to Watch Live Streams TV Shows on Nbc, Espn, Fox, Cbs, NFL Network and Nbc

How to Watch Live Streams TV Shows on Nbc, Espn, Fox, Cbs, NFL Network and Nbc- Fact 1

You need to have a stable internet service to watch the free live streaming TV shows online and the NFL football on Nbc, Espn, Fox, Cbs, NFL Network and Nbc networks. the internet service should have a speed of more than 128kbps or even as high as 1mbps. This will make it possible for your pc or laptop to stream the live streaming TV shows on the web without buffering.

Your computer should also have some specs in order to watch the free live streams TV shows online on Nbc, Espn, Fox, Cbs, NFL Network and Nbc. the computer needs to have a virtual memory of more than 512mb and a speed of atleast 500 MHz to 1GHZ. the computers made nowadays already have these specs installed in them and this should not be a big issue.

How can you Watch Live Streams TV Shows on Nbc, Espn, Fox, Cbs, NFL Network and Nbc- Fact 2

Watching free live streaming TV shows on Nbc, Espn, Fox, Cbs, NFL Network and Nbc is one of the most convenient ways to watch live NFL football and movies online. This is because you can watch all the games and TV shows right from your bedroom from the pc or a laptop. you don’t have to fight over the family TV remote anymore or even share your channels with anyone.

How can I Watch Live Streams TV Shows on Nbc, Espn, Fox, Cbs, NFL Network and Nbc- Fact 3

You can watch live streams TV shows on Nbc, Espn, Fox, Cbs, NFL Network and Nbc from any location in the world using this software since the shows are available on the internet which is virtually everywhere. you only need to download the pc TV software on a laptop and use it when you are travelling to carry around your channels including the NFL football on Nbc, Espn, Fox, Cbs, NFL Network and Nbc.

How to get Live Streams TV Shows on Nbc, Espn, Fox, Cbs, NFL Network and Nbc- Fact 4

This is the best software to watch live streaming TV shows form any place and without paying the monthly fees like in cable. you can use this software to watch all the live TV streaming shows from Nbc, Espn, Fox, Cbs, NFL Network and Nbc including the 2010 NFL football regular season games.

Do you want to know how to Watch Live Streams TV Shows on Nbc, Espn, Fox, Cbs, NFL Network and Nbc and NFL Football online? or learn more on best Live Streaming TV online software for your computer? If so, click here to find out how you can Watch Live Streams TV Shows on Nbc, Espn, Fox, Cbs, NFL Network and Nbc for Absolutely Free

More Nfl Network ArticlesRelated Blogs Incoming search terms:CBS NFL ONLINE|can you watch nfl games on blu ray player|watch CBS and ESPN online for free|watch cbs channels through blu-ray player|watch cbs nfl live|watch cbs nfl live online free|watch cbs nfl streaming|watch live fox network tv online|watch live tv nbc|watch any cbs tv live||

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Computer Tips: How to Speedup Computer – Disable Startup Programs

1293336010 60 Computer Tips: How to Speedup Computer   Disable Startup Programs     Disable startup items – by doing this, you can speed up your system boot up.

     In Windows seven and Windows Vista
     go to “Start”
     type “msconfig” (without quotations) in the search bar and then right click on it and choose
     “Run as administrator”
     click on the “Startup” tab
     then uncheck the box that you want to disable (You might want to leave the Antivirus,
     Windows Defender, and other Security enabled/checked)
     click “Apply”, “Ok”, and “Restart”
     start > msconfig > startup

     In Windows Xp
     go to “Start”
     click “Run”
     type “msconfig” (without quotations) and hit enter
     go to “Startup” tab
     then uncheck the box that you want to disable (You might want to leave the Antivirus and
     other Security enabled/checked)     click “Apply”, “Ok”, and “Restart”
     start > run > msconfig > startup

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How to boost your PC speed

 How to boost your PC speed

Frustrated with slow pc speed? hate it when your computer slows down while you access the Internet. and you simply bang your head when your computer takes ages to search your files. You desperately wish that your PC could gain some speed. Don’t worry. You can easily overcome this. Here are some easy-to-do tips which can make a faster pc easily.

Clean up disk errorsWhenever a program crashes or you experience some power outages, your PC may create some errors on hard disk. this must cause the slow pc speed. for this, check and clean any errors on the computer hard disk. To run Disk Check go to my Computer. now, right-click on the drive you want to check for errors and click Properties. In Properties dialogue box, click on the Tools tab. In the Error-Checking section, press the Check now button. It should be access Check Disk to check for errors on your computer. Depending on the errors, it may take up to an hour to check and clean. this must be followed at least once a week.

Remove temporary filesYour PC stores temporary files whenever you browse through the Web. also, your PC stores temporary files when you work on program like Microsoft Word or Excel. this ends up the slow pc speed. To overcome it you can use the Windows Disk Cleanup screen to rid your PC of these dead files. To run Disk Cleanup go to my Computer. Right click on the drive you wish to check for errors and click Properties. In the Properties dialogue box, click Disk Cleanup. You can also use Disk Cleanup to clear unused files from your PC. after scanning, the Disk Cleanup dialogue box lists the files you can remove from your computer. a slow pc fixes can clean and enlarge the space easily.

Organize your dataOften when you search files your PC takes a lot of time to track them. this is because computer breaks files into pieces to increase the speed of access and retrieval. However, once updated, computer saves these files on the space available on the hard drive, which results in fragmented files. this makes your slow pc speed because it then searches for all of the file’s parts. You need a slow pc helpmate to needle all your files back together. for this, go to my Computer and right click on the drive you want to check for error and click Properties. In the Properties dialogue box, click the Tools tab, and then in the Defragmentation section, click Defragment. In the Disk Defragmenter dialog box, select the disk and then click Analyse. after analysing your PC, the Disk Defragmenter pops up a message asking whether you need to defragment your computer or not. once you defragement your PC, it will reorganize files by program and size.

Install anti-virusBiggest culprits behind slow PC performance are viruses and spyware. both end up reducing your PC speed. not only this they can also destroy your data and tamper files. also, with the 24X7 online environments, it is important to have anti-virus and anti-spyware program installed for secure online experience. These program need to be frequently updated to avoid any attack on your computer. There are also several paid options like Hitmalware

Reduce page historyIs your PC giving you trouble while accessing the Internet? Don’t worry. for Internet Explorer users, You can install a slow pc speedup to faster pc, first reduce the size of your Web page history. for this go to Internet Explorer, and on the Tools menu click on Internet Options. Then go to the History section and type in the number of days you want to keep pages in history. Preferably reduce the number of days as this will reduce the size of your Web page history.

Automate Microsoft updatesFor Windows users, Microsoft frequently releases updates which may help to faster pc. for this activate automate Microsoft Update so that your computer downloads and installs all the latest updates without giving you any trouble of finding any new releases. go to Start menu and click Control Panel. In the Automatic Updates dialog box, check the Automatic check box. If your PC finds any new updates, it will automatically download and install them. this will help you keep your computer up to date.

If you don’t know how to do such upper methods, you can directly install a slow pc helpmate, the tools can faster pc easily, a good slow pc fixes must include such upper functions. It can fix slow pc speed and improve the pc performance. Hopes I can help you to solve your slow pc speed trouble.

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Device lets insurer track miles, speed, braking behaviors

Last Updated: December 22. 2010 9:57AM Brian J. O’Connor / Detroit News Finance Editor

It sounds like Big Brother, but a high-tech gizmo that tracks your driving could bring you a big discount on car insurance.

Progressive Insurance is unveiling its Snapshot discount program in Michigan this week. the program involves installing a monitoring device on your vehicle that records how much you drive, how fast and when — and how hard — you hit the brakes. Depending on how those factors add up, drivers can get up to a 30 percent discount.

The program already saves Tiana Kennedy more than 15 percent on coverage for her silver BMW. the 35-year-old Easter Seals clinician does lots of driving for her job.

“When I got the insurance I opted for any discount I could get,” says Kennedy of Farmington Hills. “So when they offered this, I said, ‘No problem.'”A device about the size of a garage-door opener plugs into an existing computer diagnostic port in the car, explains Heather Day, a spokeswoman for Progressive, which is based in Mayfield Village, Ohio, a Cleveland suburb.

“We can calculate when someone is driving, what kind of mileage they’re putting on the car, and what their driving behavior is related to braking,” Day says. One thing the device doesn’t do is pinpoint where you’re driving or the conditions around you, such as weather or speed limits, since it doesn’t have a global positioning system, she added.

“We don’t use it to actually calculate speed, and the device doesn’t have GPS, so we don’t have any idea how fast they’re going relative to the speed limit,” Day says.

An earlier version of the program, already rolled out in 27 states, has more than 100,000 customers signed up, Progressive says.

The company sends the device to drivers, who plug it in and get an initial discount after 30 days of monitoring. a final discount is set after six months, when the policy comes up for renewal.

Progressive’s Snapshot is an extension of similar programs from other insurers that seek to align insurance rates with customers’ driving skills and habits, explains John Egan, managing editor of

“A lot of auto insurance companies are engaging in what’s called ‘pay as you drive,’ and this is an offshoot,” Egan says. “It adds a new wrinkle that might be called, ‘pay how you drive.'”Both GMAC and State Farm have offered programs that calculated insurance rates based on the mileage recorded through OnStar GPS devices on General Motors co. vehicles, Egan said.

For the insurer, the benefit is attracting careful drivers. “Lower-risk drivers are going to mean a lower number of claims,” Egan says.

As for worries that Big Brother could become a back-seat driver, Progressive representatives point out that the program is strictly voluntary. But it comes down to how each driver feels about the concept.

“My mom and my sisters didn’t want to try it even though my mom doesn’t go anywhere but five blocks to work and five blocks back home,” says Kennedy. “I drive carefully anyway and I have to drive for a living so it really didn’t bother me.”

newspaper go red Device lets insurer track miles, speed, braking behaviors Subscribe to Detroit News home delivery and receive a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER.

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