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Ask Rick: WiFi worries, sleepy PCs and more

 Ask Rick: WiFi worries, sleepy PCs and more

a faster speed with a non-wireless router or is there no hope for me?

Garry Slark, by email

I think quite a few broadband users would argue with that figure but

without knowing what type of Wi-Fi system you are using and the speed

your broadband provider claims you could be getting, it’s difficult to

say what’s wrong in your case. However, assuming that your service is

supposed to be 1Mbs or faster, say, then there may be a data

bottleneck at the exchange end of the connection or there are problems

with the copper wire ‘pipe’ through which your service is delivered.

The three most commonly used Wi-Fi protocols (802.11b, g & n) have

theoretical top speeds of 11, 54 and 200Mbs respectively. In the real

world actual data transfer speed between wireless routers and PCs will

be a fair bit slower but it should still be faster than most broadband

connections. There is an easy way to find out if Wi-Fi is slowing

things down and that’s to bypass it by connecting your PC directly to

the router using an Ethernet cable. this type of connection has a

nominal data transfer speed of around 100Mbps, so if your online

broadband speed tester (try Bandwidthplace at

indicates that it is significantly slower than what you are paying for

– and you should check it at several different times throughout the

day – then it’s time to have a chat with your ISP.

Catnap Conundrum

I’ve recently bought a new laptop with Windows 7. I am getting on with

it, but wondered if it is possible to do something about the feature

that locks the computer after what seems an irritatingly short period

of time? I tend to leave my machine on all day, just occasionally

checking my emails or web browsing, but I’m finding that after just a

few minutes of inactivity, Windows has locked me out and I having to

re-enter my password. Can I disable this feature or extend the period

before I’m locked out?

Linda Rudge, by email

The first stop for anything that affects the way your PC looks or

behaves is Control Panel, which you will find on the start menu. Click

on the Power Options icon (if it’s not displayed click the link next

to ‘View By’ and select Large or Small Icons), then Change plan

Setting. Here you can adjust the times it takes for the PC to do

things whilst on battery power or when plugged into the mains. While

you are at it click Change Advanced Power Settings and uncheck

‘Require a password on wakeup’.


I have recordings stored on the hard drive of our Virgin V+ box and I

want to convert some of them into DVDs. There is a facility on the V+

box to enable this but what else do I need? I have a Windows 7 laptop,

with a DVD recorder drive, could this be used?

David Bush, by email

For various copyright and rights management reasons Virgin V+ and Sky+

hard disc drive recorders won’t allow you make direct digital copies

or clones of stored programs but there’s nothing to stop you recording

the analogue video (and audio) outputs. By far the simplest method is

to connect your V+ (or Sky+) box to the AV input on a DVD recorder

using a SCART cable.

If you want to do it on your PC you will need an AV input module,

which plugs into one of your laptop’s USB sockets and takes care of

the analogue to digital conversion. You will also need some suitable

recording, editing and DVD authoring software. There are plenty of

free and commercial programs to choose from but if you want to keep

things simple then I suggest a bundled hardware and software package

like the ClimaxDigital VCAP302 VHS to DVD (around £17.00) or Roxio’s

Easy VHS to DVD (around £60) – both available from Amazon. By the way,

whichever method you use to make your DVDs, the conversion from

digital to analogue and then back again to digital means that there

will be a small but noticeable drop in picture quality.

Delinquent Dongle?

When away from home I use a Vodafone 3G Mobile Connect USB dongle. I

find that I can receive my emails but cannot send them and it shows

system error. my laptop operates Windows Vista.

M G Wood, by email

In most cases incoming emails are stored on your home Internet service

provider’s POP3 (Post Office Protocol) mail server and you can access

them from anywhere using any type of connection. Outgoing mail, on the

other hand has to be sent through the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer

Protocol) mail server of the service that you are currently using,

whether it’s a 3G mobile network or a wi-fi hotspot. There are two

solutions. You can change the SMTP address in your email program, or

do what many travellers do and access their mail through an Internet

browser using a webmail service like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and so

on, and most of them can be set to pick up your POP3 messages.

If you want to continue using your email program then you need to find

out the service’s SMTP address. There is a list of the main UK 3G SMTP

servers here. at Wi-Fi hotspots and in hotels etc.

you’ll have to ask whoever is in charge for the SMTP address.

To change the SMTP address in email programs like Outlook Express and

Windows Mail etc., go to Tools > Accounts, select your account, click

Properties, then the Server tab. make a note of the existing SMTP

address then replace it with the right one for your service, which in

your case should be Don’t forget to change it back

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SpeedUpMyPC 2011 Serial Key – Activation Code Promo Legal License

1296367236 46 SpeedUpMyPC 2011 Serial Key – Activation Code Promo Legal License

No matter what manually take care of but processing speed of Windows Computer goes on reducing with time. This is caused by system junk and other unresolved issues. SpeedUpMyPC is trusted software to speed up PC.

SpeedUpMyPC 2011 is latest release of Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC which scans your computer for issues which fall under 3 categories: system Tweaks, Speed Tools and Junk Files. It goes on finding factors leading to slowing down of PC.

With just one click, you can start scanning for issues and another click resolves them in seconds. It combines several tools in one interface, including a system scanner, RAM optimizer, memory cleaner, start-up manager, and CPU booster, all optimized for the latest versions of Windows.

SpeedUpMyPC 2011 Serial Key- Activation Code

Just fill out your name and email address on Promo Page to receive SpeedUpMyPC 2011 Serial Key in your inbox.

Note: on promo page, it is written as SpeedUpMyPC 2010 but I have tried and tested to be working on SpeedUpMyPC 2011 version.

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Personal Femtocell to Cut Roaming Costs on iPhone, Android

1296295225 12 Personal Femtocell to Cut Roaming Costs on iPhone, Android

Femtocell maker Ubiquisys has developed a new type of small base station for 3G mobile phones that it calls an attocell. Plugged into a laptop PC with Internet access, it allows 3G phones to bypass international roaming charges and make phone calls as though they were still on their home network, the company said on Wednesday.

although developed initially for the iPhone, the attocell works out of the box with any 3G phone, and has been tested with smartphones running Android or operating systems from Nokia and Research In Motion, said Ubiquisys.

The attocell connects to a user's laptop via USB, and relays phone calls and mobile Internet access via the laptop's Internet connection. For the latter it connects to the phone using HSPA (High-Speed Packet Access). The product has inherited a lot of technology from Ubiquisys' femtocell products, using the same signaling to talk to an operators network. Femtocells are typically distributed by mobile network operators to improve coverage. Calls made through them are tunneled through a fixed broadband connection, over the Internet and back to the operator's mobile network, where they are connected to the public telephone network.

like Ubiquisys femtocells, the attocell also monitors its surrounding radio environment to ensure that there is no impact on existing mobile networks. When turned on, the product analyses the IP address and radio environment to determine which country it is in, and then configures the radio power to the locally allowed level.

Depending on the allowed power output, the transmitter could reach just 5 millimeters, or cover a whole room. In the first case, the phone has to be placed on top of the attocell, with calls made using the phone's headset, said Keith Day, vice president of marketing at Ubiquisys. Radio licensing regulations make the 5 millimeter range the most likely scenario, said Day.

The cost of the phone calls will be up to operators that sign on to sell the product. Ubiquisys has been talking to operators for a few months, and is optimistic about the attocell's future, but isn't ready to announce the first operator customer, Day said.

Today, there are a number options for international travellers that want to cut the cost of calling. One is to call from a PC using a VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol) service such as Skype. Skype also offers a mobile client that can be installed on smartphones and allow users to make calls via a wireless data connection. Travellers outside their home country will need to find a cheap or free Wi-Fi hotspot in order to avoid 3G data roaming charges for such Skype calls, though.

Send news tips and comments to

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Canada’s oldest car rally, where timing is everything – The Globe and Mail

1296280823 56 Canadas oldest car rally, where timing is everything   The Globe and Mail

Globe and Mail UpdatePublished on Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2011 3:35PM ESTLast updated on Thursday, Jan. 27, 2011 12:04PM EST

Snaking the car along back roads surrounding Bromont, que., I listen intently as navigator Nick Narini feeds me instructions for the next turn. We’re participating in Canada’s oldest car rally, the Rallye Des Neiges, and things seem to be going well, at least for the moment. We’re about to learn how challenging it can be to drive within the speed limit.

The Rallye Des Neiges, which was first run in 1937, is a navigational or time, speed, distance (TSD) rally; the event rewards precise driving and a keen awareness of time rather than the flat-out speed of a performance rally. Aimed at everyday drivers and typical road cars, TSD rallies are meant as a fun and challenging pastime for anyone. no special equipment is needed, and every event features a novice division, with some offering a beginner’s seminar before the event.

Route instructions are given out one minute before the start, and are provided as either a time, or target average speed, as well as a distance, and direction of turn. sometimes they are straightforward; other times, organizers challenge teams by obscuring the instructions in puzzles to be decoded before instructions can be delivered to the driver.

The goal is to drive to a target time. too slow and you’re assessed penalty points, too fast and heavy penalties are applied to help discourage speeding. Teams leave headquarters in one-minute intervals and if all goes well, should travel approximately one minute apart through the entire event.

Along the route, surprise checkpoints (often called controls) require the team to stop and have their arrival time logged, to be scored against the target time. each control acts as a reset, meaning penalty points earned at one control cannot be reduced by driving faster or slower in the next section. The goal is to finish the rally with a score of zero.

Run in darkness along snow-covered back roads, the Rallye Des Neiges presents the added challenge of staying on time when grip is limited. Though rules require average speeds to be no more than 90 per cent of the posted speed limit, twisty road sections present a challenge for modern cars equipped with winter tires. Our team’s biggest challenge, though, would be math.

To help make heads and tails of the math, Nick installed a rally computer in the car. The upside is that the computer does much of the work. Nick simply punches in the instructions, and a drivers display tells me if I should slow down or speed up. The downside is that the computer forces us into the expert class.

We also face the difficulty of both having what’s known as a driver personality. On the most successful rally teams, you have a navigator and a driver who stick to their respective roles, building experience with the different challenges each faces. Though Nick and I have completed approximately 15 navigational rallies on competing teams, neither of us had previously sat in the navigator’s seat.

Nick also has four years in performance rally under his belt, and is the 2010 Ontario champion, but the ability to go flat out in a performance setting means little in navigational rally. This was our second event as a team, and in the first, we had finished 37th out of 37 teams. We were looking for redemption.

Somewhere along the 260-km route, we encountered a problem. We had stopped at the end of an ET, waiting for our time to start the next average-speed section. The computer was telling us it was time to go, but the expert team ahead of us wasn’t budging.

Common advice given to newcomers is to “run your own rally,” rather than follow another team. We decided to go against that advice. The team in front of us had plenty of experience, was running in expert class, and were equipped with not just one, but two rally computers. Starting before the other team would likely mean heavy penalties for arriving early at the next control. Instead, we watched them drive off, counted down our minute interval and started the next set of instructions, Nick adjusting the computer to add in an extra minute.

As Nick worked with the instructions to try to figure out our issue, I drove to the minute, eyes peeled for the next checkpoint. Calling out crossroads as I drove, Nick would use the information to confirm we were still on route. twice we overshot a turn when I forgot to call out a street name. Doubling back meant time lost.

To help keep things safe, checkpoints are typically timed to the minute when road conditions are challenging. Though you want to arrive as close as possible to the top of your minute, you have the full 59 seconds to get to a control without penalties. Other controls are more tightly timed in tenths of a minute, shortening penalty-free windows to just six seconds. One second early, and you’re penalized a full minute. Organizers liaise with local law enforcement, in this case, La Sûreté du Québec, to make sure the event is deemed safe and legal.

Nick and I arrived at the control, unsure of whether we were a minute late or on time, but relieved to know that having reached the checkpoint, those were now problems of the past to be scored, but not to affect the section ahead. As the night continued, we stayed on the road, on the route and mostly on time, zeroing many of the checkpoints, but struggling with the math on others.

After five hours of driving with no breaks, we pulled into the finish – a Tim Hortons parking lot – and submitted our time card to scoring. Nothing was left but to wait.

About an hour later, once all teams had arrived and results calculated, scores were announced. We had earned our redemption, scoring just 5.5 points over 23 controls, enough for fifth place overall in a field of 29 cars.

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Enhancing Your Computer Speed Performance Requires Following Some Basic Steps

1296208844 41 Enhancing Your Computer Speed Performance Requires Following Some Basic Steps

The personal computer users often face debacles regarding the speed reduction of their computer. The usages of the computer is a continuous motion, as a result, the users copy and save files and install or delete the software. while practicing these processes, the computer starts losing the performance gradually. The reasons behind this debacle can be over loading the files and programs of a single PC. However, these issues can be overcome.

Resolving the issue, remove the old program or software which are no longer required, this step simply speed up your computer. come to the control panel, and open the add/remove tool option, the all programs which you installed can mostly be found in this option. Spot the unnecessary programs and simply remove them, and this can help you make your PC more spacious for the resources. The second issue can be the graphics adapter; it is crucial and can affect the performance of the computer directly. if the display drivers are corrupted or problematic, the particular PC can refuse to run certain programs or games. it can crash or halt while running. Visiting the sites of the manufactures, confirm the latest update of the display drivers. This step help you run your PC speedily and functionally.

Go for an anti-spyware or adware program and keep the program running consistently. The malicious Spyware can be installed themselves without letting know the users. Remember, some of the adware can steal your online information and submit them to the different sources.

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The Old Man and the Internet

1296108013 49 The Old Man and the Internet

I started out as a retailer. as time passed, I realized and struggled with the fact that I was also a manufacturer. Eventually, I expanded into being a distributor, a direct-sales organization and now a Web marketer. the first three evolutions were slow and painful, but I figured them out. this latest twist, becoming a Web marketer, is different. this time, it is not just about people and problems. It’s about understanding the realities of a whole new world.

It crept up on me, this whole Internet thing. It’s probably the most powerful development since the Industrial Revolution, but I was a little slow to see it coming. I was slow to realize, for example, that I needed a better Web presence for my custom picture-framing business. still, in the last five years, I have started to get up to speed. my home furnishings store has a Web site and is now selling a nice amount of furniture and accessories on the Web — although most of the traffic still comes from the mentions we get in home décor magazines (we have cool stuff).

In addition, I have a site that sells wholesale moulding to framers and two Web sites that sell artwork for offices (one that offers art consulting and one that carries a line of framed images ready to ship), but they are not reaching their potential. and I have a Web site for my personal speaking gigs that gets some traffic but does not generate the business I think it should. I also have one other related site that I am working on.

This is the picture that I recently laid out for my new business group. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the insights gained from comparing notes with other business owners, in different businesses, can be phenomenal. after describing my business structure and explaining that I have come to understand that I have to become more Web-driven, the computer geek in the group — I say that with all due respect, admiration and appreciation — responded, “you need to hire a director of Web.”

In about a nanosecond, I realized he was right. I didn’t know exactly what it meant, but I knew he was right. you see, after several meetings with our computer geek, I have learned that he speaks a different language. he has different powers and insights and ways of looking at things. he is from another planet, and I am just an earthling. but it goes both ways. While computer guy has been extremely helpful to the members of the group in explaining the intricacies of technology, we old guys have been valuable to him in dealing with organizational issues, real estate and other problems that come with a fast-growing company. this is not a support group; it is a get-smarter group. the driving philosophy: stop trying to figure it all out on your own.

Anyway, back to my revelation. I now understand that I am operating in a vastly different business environment, and I need to make some adjustments. the Internet, social media and whatever else I am missing are all changing fast, and I need to conquer them. here is the problem: Business people like me do not know what is going on behind the curtain. sometimes, we think we know, we want to know, we need to know, but how could we know?

No one who works for me has ever worked in a technology company. when I returned to the office and mentioned my business-group revelation that we needed to hire a director of Web, two of my key people said the same thing: we need to rethink our entire organizational structure.

I should have figured this out a year ago, but I was focused on moving my production facility and cutting costs. this illustrates the reality of today’s business environment. We are s-l-o-w-l-y coming out of a terrible recession, and we are all watching every dollar that we spend — but we should be spending more money on technology. Contrast that to one of these venture capital-fueled tech warehouses we’re always reading about, and you can see why established companies like mine are not just scratching their heads but holding them.

I will soon have seven Web sites — three are e-commerce, the others marketing — and we know just enough about building and maintaining them to be dangerous. We believe we are doing enough of the right things, but I have realized that this goes against my general business philosophy. I don’t want to do “enough.” I want to do things as well as possible (within economic reason).

We are not experts, but in this new world, we need to be experts if we want to hit our potential. Given the number of sites we’re playing with, I always believed that it would be more cost-effective to do most of the work in-house. but after talking to people who seem to know what they are doing, I’m coming to accept that we will never be as effective as someone who does this for a living. the technology changes too fast.

We are now interviewing companies to redo our Web sites and take over our pay-per-click campaign. I believe that incremental sales will pay for the new costs. That is the difference between old-school retail and the Internet: immediate results. I am quickly changing my perspectives so that I can operate in this new world. I’m even willing to get a Ping-Pong table and some bean bag chairs if necessary. I’ll see you on the other side.

Jay Goltz owns five small businesses in Chicago.

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Laptop Computer Repair ? How To Repair Laptop Computer Problems

 Laptop Computer Repair ? How To Repair Laptop Computer Problems

things you should do before promoting or throwing away your <b><b>If you need help, you could enlist the companies of a computer repair company. With the correct PC repair firm, you can let them wipe your laptop clear for you. This way, you don’t have to worry about dealing with the effort,

<b>computer repair<b> servicesThe firm’s Microsoft Certified Technicians provide complete Computer Repair & system optimization that are essential for keeping your desktop or laptop in good condition, enhancing its life and increasing your productivity. The procuring of a laptop or a computer is the easy part, which is more crucial is the maintenance part. some times you will face security problems such as viruses, malwares and spywares and you computer tends to become utterly slow.

speed up my <b>computer<b> by detecting <b>computer<b> system errors good newsOccasionally there might be “OS” issues that might slow up the quickness of the laptop or computer. To correct the slow-moving computer system condition, you can seek the advice of a computer repair company or make use of a computer Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a situation where slow computer problem.It’s rather a truly bad situation, because it could cause a great deal of difficulty to the customer, and causes your regular computing errands grow to be an

instant pc <b>repair<b> on the internet problembgone comThey can trigger an excellent deal of damage to your desktop or laptop and can even render your pc useless. This is whenever you may possibly need the assist and expertise of computer repair expert like a computer repair specialist to some other symptoms are software errors, registry problems, unable to connect to the internet but other computers inside your home are connecting and numerous a lot more. In the event you suspect your personal computer is infected with a

85365 i hate software installation <b>computer<b> softwareWe supply some of the finest online personal computer repair you’ll discover on the Web. our service contains a full diagnosis of the problem with a complete remedy, including: Obtaining the cause of crashes, lockups, unusual slowness, laptop or computer assist, agreement pc assist, company pc support, customized personal computer service, full computer service, in home personal computer repair, on web site laptop or computer service, pc repair and upgrade,

let pc <b>repair<b> organizations handle your personal <b>computer<b> with careIn this situation, PC repair services can give a feel like a life saver at the time of emergency troubleshooting. If you are looking for any solutions for the laptop, computer, software program networking or other peripheral Oral care is usually neglected by individuals and they anticipate the toothpaste to get care of all the problems. Of course much of it has got to complete with the fact that ads on toothpastes are so exaggerated in their visual content that 1

<b>laptop repair<b> services in nj my article directoryBesides for the Computer Repair Services, the service providers dealing in laptops are many in NJ. It happens with the laptops that they stop working suddenly and you are faced with the problems that work havoc for you at certain times. Then you need such service providers that can render you a quick service with perfection in almost all spheres of laptop repair. To name the best service providers for you, here are their names: 1) ‘The Computer Handyman’,

hire reliable <b>computer repair<b> service provider wharzIt is critical to deliberate Computer/Laptop Repair for teenager issues prior to a complaint becomes incurable. Most of a malfunctioning is intensely technical, to illustrate it is endorsed to let experts hoop a system. They should be equates to to understanding with sundry software, hardware, interpretation as good as pathogen problems efficiently. Computer/laptop correct providers should be equates to to work computers of opposite have as good as model.

notefix offers online resources for preventing <b>laptop repair<b>For notebooks that have these problems already, NoteFix has an innovative, Internet-based high-speed laptop computer repair service with 20-day “fix it or replace it guarantee.” NoteFix offers quick laptop repair, with a turnaround time

<b>laptop<b> or <b>computer repair<b> selections may possibly cause confusion <b><b>Pc repair retailers are not always acknowledged for their pace, and this can be a problem for some laptop or computer owners whose machines are part of their livelihood or simply crucial to them. however, when deciding on a pc shop to

laptop computer repair – how to repair laptop computer problemsHome Page > Computers > Laptops > Laptop Computer Repair – how To Repair Laptop Computer Problems. Laptop Computer Repair – how To Repair Laptop Computer Problems

the laptop guyProviding nationwide laptop repair services for all makes and models of laptops including Apple.

how to repair laptop computers ehow comHow to Repair Laptop Computers. Repairing laptop computers takes an understanding of some basic troubleshooting steps. Laptop computer motherboard problems must be

how to repair a laptop computer for free ehow comHow to Repair a Laptop Computer for Free. when their laptop computer is giving them problems, many computer users feel that they have no choice but to take it to a

how to repair computerHow to repair computer dvd course.Home study course on how to repair harddrive,desktop or laptop computers

Need Laptop Computer Repair? A laptop &#1110&#1109 one &#959f th&#1077 m&#959&#1109t used pieces &#959f gear &#1110n business &#1072nd home today, m&#1072k&#1110ng &#1110t nearly indispensable – &#1091&#959&#965 &#965&#1109&#1077 &#1110t f&#959r work, f&#959r home work, t&#959 d&#959 research, pay bills &#1072nd th&#1077 l&#1110k&#1077 &#959r &#1112&#965&#1109t f&#959r fun &#1072nd games! It w&#959&#965ld really b&#1077 t&#1077rr&#1110bl&#1077 t&#959 h&#1072&#957&#1077 a laptop &#1072nd &#1091&#959&#965 cant &#965&#1109&#1077 &#1110t!

Wh&#1077n &#1110t comes t&#959 a laptop computer problem w&#1077 &#1072r&#1077 pretty sure th&#1072t &#1091&#959&#965 don’t want t&#959 &#1112&#965&#1109t throw &#1110t out, without first m&#1072k&#1110ng &#1109&#959m&#1077 basic attempts &#1072t fixing &#1110t yourself – wh&#959 knows, w&#1110th a small checking &#959f a few things, &#1091&#959&#965 m&#1072&#1091 really g&#1077t &#1110t working again!:

Try th&#1077&#1109&#1077 first t&#959 fix &#1091&#959&#965r Laptops Laptop

* Unplug &#1072ll &#1091&#959&#965r cables &#1072nd plug th&#1077m back &#1110n

Sometimes cables become loose &#1072nd m&#1072k&#1077 a problem wh&#1077r&#1077 th&#1077 machine goes &#1110nt&#959 a self-protection mode t&#959 avoid being shorted out b&#1091 a power surge. Sometimes simply b&#1091 m&#1072k&#1110ng sure th&#1077 cables &#1072r&#1077 steadily connected &#1089&#1072n cause th&#1077 machine t&#959 &#1109t&#1072rt up properly.

* D&#959 &#1091&#959&#965 h&#1072&#957&#1077 a &#1077&#1093&#1089&#1077ll&#1077nt battery

Sometimes wh&#1077n th&#1077 computer’s battery &#1110&#1109 running low, &#1110t w&#1110ll g&#959 &#1110nt&#959 a kind &#959f ‘hibernation’ mode. and, frequently, th&#1077 battery gets &#1109&#959 drained th&#1072t even wh&#1077n &#1091&#959&#965 first plug &#1110n th&#1077 power cable, &#1110t still d&#959&#1077&#1109 n&#959t want t&#959 turn &#959n. Th&#1077 trick w&#1110th Laptop, &#1110&#1109 t&#959 l&#1077t &#1110t wait f&#959r &#1109&#1072&#1091 15 minutes, t&#959 allow th&#1077 battery t&#959 charge up a small &#1072nd th&#1077n try powering &#1110t &#959n.

* I&#1109 &#1110t m&#1072k&#1110ng &#1072n&#1091 &#1072m&#965&#1109&#1110ng sounds &#959r noises

Maybe th&#1077 cooling fan h&#1072&#1109 something blocking &#1110t.

Wh&#1091 N&#959t Send It back t&#959 th&#1077 Company f&#959r Repairs?

If &#1110t’s still under warranty, th&#1077n th&#1072t’s a &#1077&#1093&#1089&#1077ll&#1077nt th&#959&#965ght – &#1091&#959&#965r &#959nl&#1091 issue here w&#1110ll b&#1077 th&#1077 time th&#1072t &#1091&#959&#965 h&#1072&#957&#1077 t&#959 wait t&#959 g&#1077t &#1110t back fr&#959m th&#1077m, &#1072nd hope &#1110t’s n&#959t h&#965rt &#959n th&#1077 way back !

B&#965t &#1110f &#1110t’s out &#959f warranty &#1091&#959&#965 &#1089&#959&#965ld b&#1077 &#1110n f&#959r a bill m&#959&#1109t l&#1110k&#1077l&#1091 n&#959t &#1072n&#1091 less th&#1072n th&#1072n a few hundred dollars!!

Th&#1077 &#1091&#959&#965 h&#1072&#957&#1077 t&#959 add t&#959 th&#1110&#1109 th&#1077 addition nuisances &#959f time &#1110t w&#959&#965ld take, plus &#1072ll th&#1077 shipping costs &#1072nd insurance, time &#1072t th&#1077 post office, purchasing proper packaging material – &#1109&#1110n&#1089&#1077 m&#959&#1109t l&#1110k&#1077l&#1091 &#1091&#959&#965 dont h&#1072&#957&#1077 th&#1077 box – wh&#959 keeps th&#1077 box f&#959r more a th&#1072n a couple &#959f months anyway!?

Here’s H&#959w T&#959 D&#959 Y&#959&#965r Own Laptop Computer Repair

Few people know th&#1072t th&#1077r&#1077′s a guide th&#1072t &#1091&#959&#965 &#1089&#1072n &#965&#1109&#1077 t&#959 perform &#1091&#959&#965r very &#959wn Laptop repairs. Th&#1077 company’s &#1072nd service technicians m&#1072k&#1077 sure th&#1072t th&#1077&#1109&#1077 &#1072r&#1077 n&#959t shown &#1109&#1110n&#1089&#1077 th&#1077&#1091 want &#1091&#959&#965 t&#959 spend th&#1077 money w&#1110th th&#1077m!

And usually &#1091&#959&#965 &#1089&#1072n d&#959 th&#1077&#1109&#1077 repairs yourself – th&#1077 guide w&#1110ll methodically provide &#1091&#959&#965 w&#1110th step-b&#1091-step directions th&#1072t &#1109h&#959w &#1091&#959&#965 exactly wh&#1072t t&#959 d&#959, &#1072nd &#1110&#1109 designed f&#959r th&#1077 average layman w&#1110th average, everyday tools.

S&#959 now &#1091&#959&#965 don’t h&#1072&#957&#1077 t&#959 send &#1091&#959&#965r computer back f&#959r expensive repairs … &#1072nd th&#1077&#1109&#1077 days &#1091&#959&#965 d&#959 n&#959t h&#1072&#957&#1077 t&#959 throw out &#1091&#959&#965r computer b&#1077&#1089&#1072&#965&#1109&#1077 something &#1110&#1109 n&#959t working. and w&#1110th everyday tools, &#1091&#959&#965 &#1089&#1072n avoid lengthy repairs.

Wh&#1091 don’t &#1091&#959&#965 take a look &#1072t th&#1110&#1109 guide? Visit: Laptop Computer Repair

S&#959, &#1110f &#1091&#959&#965 need t&#959 d&#959 &#1109&#959m&#1077 kind &#959f laptop computer repair, th&#1077n th&#1110&#1109 &#1110&#1109 &#1089&#1077rt&#1072&#1110nl&#1091 th&#1077 way t&#959 g&#959. Y&#959&#965 &#1089&#1072n usually fix m&#959&#1109t problems within &#1072n hour w&#1110th th&#1077 r&#1110ght kind &#959f guide & direction.

Want t&#959 successfully repair &#1091&#959&#965r laptop computer? Today? R&#1110ght now? Visit: Laptop Computer Repair

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MLK center seeks new home

 MLK center seeks new homeThe Martin Luther King Jr. Family Life Center is seeking a new home.

The center’s lease on the building it occupies at 519 Chestnut St. expired in December, and it is now operating month to month. a computer lab, which will soon begin offering free computer-literacy courses, is taking up significant space in what was once an all-purpose room.

“We need another building,” said founder and President Vanessa Owens. “Our lease has run out, and we’re in dire straits.”

The center has been located at 519 Chestnut St. in Lebanon location for four years. its mission is to support and strengthen the community by serving youth and families through counseling, housing, education, recreational activities and advocacy, according to its website,

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‘… a day on; not a day off’

The first-floor room the computer lab now occupies was once a multipurpose room that could fit more than 50 people. Now, because the computers and desks take up so much space, there isn’t enough room to do many of the activities they did before, Owens said.

“The space is gone,” she said.

Hastening the urgency, Owens said, is the fact the building’s owner wants to renovate and is asking the center to move out at its earliest convenience.

“We’re looking frantically for a space now to house the community center,” she said. “We’re here until we find somewhere else to go. But we need to find somewhere soon.”

The computer lab, which consists of eight recently donated computers, printers and desks, will soon offer a variety of classes, said Sherry Owens, the center’s executive director.

“What we’re doing with the computer lab is we’re offering programs to help people with job searches, with job placement, with resume building — because a lot of people don’t have access to the Internet,” she said

The center will also offer computer-literacy training for people who aren’t familiar with computers and the Internet, Sherry Owens said.

“It seems like, especially if you’re incarcerated for four or five years, you didn’t learn too much about computers, and then the first thing you learn is how to work a cell phone and go on Facebook,” she said. “You don’t know actually create a document or do an attachment.

“And if you’re over 30, you probably didn’t have computer training in high school, so you’re a little bit further behind than your children are as far as speed on the keyboard,” she added.

For more information on the center’s computer lab, contact Sherry Owens at 717-507-8555.; 272-5611, ext. 145

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MadWrite! » Speed Up Your Computer With This Anti Spyware Program

1295776825 16 MadWrite! » Speed Up Your Computer With This Anti Spyware Program

Spyware and AdWare are parasites that have the ability to track you browsing habits and let companies know what you are doing at that exact moment. if you have ever had either a Spyware or AdWare on your computer, you would know how frustrating it can sometimes be. According to XoftSpySE it will help protect you from Spyware, AdWare, malware and other parasites.Here is a nice and quick little review of the spyware blocking software for you to check out. the software is simple and easy to get to download and try out the program for free, so you get to see if you even need it. some of the things the software helps you to do are removing worms, viruses, trojans, adware and spyware, and even stopping pop ups as well. the program will help you do the following: clean up of your computer prevent identity theft, and it will help speed up your computer. the good thing about this software is that the company that produced XoftSpySE is well known for producing quality programs, and not to mention that you get to try out the software for free.It isn’t going to get rid of the spyware for free, but it is going to let you know if you need to pay for it. This way you aren’t ending up buying something that you didn’t need.if the program comes up with errors, then you now know that you need to buy the program to help clean up you pc. and if you feel like you are just not getting any headway and need some help, you can login to either their help desk or support forum and get help on what you might be having problems with.In conclusion, we found this spyware blocker to be very thorough. if you think that you will be needing more information, then go check out the XoftSpySE review on

Compare SpyZooka or XoftSpySE to other Spyware Software such as SpyNoMore . Read the SpyZooka Review, XoftSpySE Review and SpyNoMore Review at

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Best Software To Speed Up Pc – This Online Program Skyrocketed My Pc Speed & Performance In A Few Minutes!

1295690431 89 Best Software To Speed Up Pc – This Online Program Skyrocketed My Pc Speed & Performance In A Few Minutes!

If your computer is very slow, more than likely you’re going to need to software to speed up PC so that you can get your computer’s registry scanned for possible errors and get everything repaired as soon as you can. take a couple of minutes out of your day to read on and discover a highly effective tool that increased the performance of my laptop and got it operating better than new.

I was unbelievably frustrated for quite some time dealing with my laptop being so slow, getting errors, glitches, and so much more! I experimented with a lot of different options I heard about to help increase the speed and performance of my computer. I got rid of unwanted files and software, I defragmented my hard drive and a whole lot more. The result from doing those things improved my PC a little bit, but it still was moving slow. That’s when I discovered an incredible software to speed up PC called Reg Genie.

Once you go to their website, you’ll be able to instantly download a free scanner to go through your computer to find out exact what’s wrong. I couldn’t believe what this scanner discovered what the problems were with my laptop:

Registry Errors Found: 1,045

Evidence Cleaner: 2,395 Privacy Errors

ActiveX Errors: 1,420

FileAssoc: 3 Invalid Errors

System Speedup: 5 Features Found

Internet Optimizer: 7 Features Found

Scan Score: 45 / 100 (Very bad!)

Once I learned about all of the above problems and that they were what was causing my laptop to operate so poorly, I next clicked on the “Repair” button. I typed in some info and then Reg Genie repaired every single problem I had instantly, and now my computer is running unbelievably faster.

So, if you want the best software to speed up your PC and get it running like BRAND NEW, then I highly recommend you try out the Reg Genie.

>> Get your computer scanned for FREE, fix errors instantly, and increase the performance of your computer today with the Reg Genie registry repair tool.

Click to learn more, see how to get your FREE scanner, and boost your computer’s performance today!

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