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How will a slow PC mess with your life?

1311584419 69 How will a slow PC mess with your life?

Think of the countless times when your life has come to a grinding halt due to a slow PC and how frustrating the experience was. whether you are a CEO, small-business owner, student, or someone at home surfing the Internet, a slow PC can be frustrating and counter-productive. If you are a PC user, slow is going to get you and mess with your life.

With an increasing dependency on technology, we waste countless hours dealing with slow computer issues, which often stem from a computer virus. Viruses are one of the most common causes of sluggish computers, making them crash, compromising your security, and possibly erasing your computer’s memory.

We have all experienced the frustration of a slow PC acting up at a critical moment; like when you’re rushing to meet an important deadline, bagging a special offer, or just buying the last available movie or concert ticket online. The anxiety and rage that it can potentially cause is something we have all experienced at some time or the other.

The increasing number of devices and software used with PCs has led to a speed meltdown, and there are times when you just stare at the spinning hourglass on your screen as precious time ticks by. Extreme aggravation, irrational frustration and just plain old impatience are the result.

What you may find out is that a slow PC is a symptom of a long list of possible problems. having experienced the very real anxiety felt by people who live with slow computers, iYogi has launched the “KillSlow” movement at with its thousands of tech experts, iYogi offers on-demand, free diagnoses for any consumer over the Internet. Tech experts help you quickly identify the reason for slow on your computer and also help you with virus removal.

IYogi is an independent, remote technical support provider for consumers and small businesses, with in-depth knowledge of what it takes to keep your PC running fast.

Don’t put up with your slow PC when you can quickly and easily take care of those symptoms. For more information on how to KillSlow call 1-855-killslow (1-855-545-5756) and bring your PC back to speed with a free diagnosis from iYogi tech experts.

Now, there’s no longer a reason to live with your slow PC when you can quickly and easily take care of those symptoms – before the slow gets to you.

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iolo technologies' New System Mechanic 10.5 Further Improves PC Speed and Stability with Industry-First Features

1309942824 14 iolo technologies' New System Mechanic 10.5 Further Improves PC Speed and Stability with Industry First Features

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 29, 2011

iolo technologies, recognized as the fastest-growing US company in 2010 and 2009 by the American Business Awards, today launched version 10.5 of its award-winning System Mechanic PC performance software. Adding to its comprehensive suite of over 50 tools designed to restore PC speed and stability, new System Mechanic 10.5 introduces unique technology that keeps the latest solid state drives tuned and optimized for peak data velocity, as well as a new solution to keep key system components updated for maximum performance and stability. Additionally, recent iolo Labs research has allowed the company to outfit System Mechanic with automatic solutions to nearly 2,000 newly identified computer problems through its exclusive Tune-Up Definition live updates.

With significant new technology and a battery of fine-tuned enhancements designed to maximize PC speed and stability, new version 10.5 digs deeper than ever to provide the most complete, effective and advanced set of features available. iolo also leverages its recently patented ActiveCare® idle-time maintenance technology to intelligently fuse System Mechanic 10.5’s new tools into an even stronger proactive solution, ensuring computer systems with the latest cutting-edge components are automatically kept in optimal operating condition.

Chosen by nearly 9 out of 10 people in North America who rely on PC tune-up software, System Mechanic is used globally by over 36 million people to fix and speed up more than 75 million computers. The software has been the #1 best-selling PC performance and tune-up software in the US, Canada, UK, France and Benelux countries for several years according to NPD and similar sources, with multiple independent lab tests proving that it restores more power, speed and stability than any other comparable product or service.

System Mechanic 10.5 is also the only tune-up software that has evolved to actively anticipate the needs of today’s PC users. Continuously updated Tune-up Definitions™ from iolo Labs inject scientific intelligence into System Mechanic’s repair and maintenance tools so they’re always informed about the latest PC problems and can dynamically adapt to each specific configuration. in addition to delivering the precise tests, repairs, and speed enhancements that match each user’s exact computer type and configuration, iolo’s exclusive ActiveCare® technology works behind the scenes when PCs are idle to keep them proactively optimized and tuned for maximum performance. with iolo’s recently introduced whole Home License™, also an industry-first, customers can use System Mechanic 10.5 to keep every PC in their home running like new for one affordable price.

Key new features in System Mechanic 10.5 SSD Accelerator™ automatically streamlines, optimizes, and speeds up solid state drives (SSDs). Paired with iolo’s unique ActiveCare technology, SSD Accelerator is the only tool of its kind that proactively optimizes SSDs, helping to dramatically improve SSD efficiency and overall PC performance, while working to extend the life and dependability of these modern drives.

In recent years, solid state drives (SSDs) have emerged as a faster alternative to traditional hard disk drives (HDDs). however, while SSDs may enjoy an initially significant speed advantage over HDDs, lab tests and reports from early adopters indicate that these drives begin to suffer from incremental performance loss the longer they are used, particularly during information storage operations. more notably, over time unoptimized SSDs can lead to artificially accelerated degradation of the physical devices themselves, which translates into greater chances of early equipment failure and even data loss.

Experts are in agreement that traditional disk defragmentation methods, designed for the mechanical moving parts of an HDD, don’t benefit SSDs and can actually reduce their operable lifespan. SSD Accelerator pioneers an entirely new approach to SSD optimization to ensure maximum ongoing device performance without wearing out the drive. The tool has also been carefully designed to work together with and alongside System Mechanic’s other essential drive optimization technologies and ActiveCare technology, so users with both traditional hard drives and SSDs can enjoy the convenience of optimizing the entire system at once, and keeping it at peak performance automatically thereafter.

Designated Drivers™ conveniently manages device driver software updates to keep PC components working problem-free. Designated Drivers is the only tool of its kind to exclusively offer Microsoft-sourced driver updates, which have gone through multiple rounds of quality assurance testing to help ensure the updates are safe, reliable and broadly compatible.

Computer technicians agree that keeping drivers updated is central to overall PC stability and performance. Independent device manufacturers frequently release driver updates to resolve problems or ensure compatibility with new programs, but these updates are usually never automatically found or installed. Determining where, when, and how to locate and manually apply driver updates can be a daunting and time-consuming task for most people. Designated Drivers allows users to update all of their PC’s drivers with one click, making this important maintenance process quick and easy.

In addition to these and other new cornerstone features, System Mechanic 10.5 includes numerous enhancements to its landmark tools recently introduced in version 10, including patent-pending Program Accelerator, CRUDD Remover, Super Control Panel and Internet Connection Repair.

Availability System Mechanic 10.5 is automatically available at no charge to all existing users of System Mechanic with an active service plan, which also provides free ongoing access to Tune-up Definitions updates. New users can purchase System Mechanic 10.5 directly from, via all major web e-tailers, or in one of more than 18,000 retail storefronts that carry iolo’s products worldwide.

About iolo technologies Crowned the Fastest-Growing Company in the United States in both 2010 and 2009 by the American Business Awards, iolo technologies, LLC ( produces award-winning software that repairs, optimizes, and protects Windows computers. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Los Angeles with market presence in 33 countries, iolo has more than 38 million users worldwide and hundreds of awards from industry analysts and media. The iolo product line includes System Mechanic®, the #1 best-selling PC performance software; System Mechanic Professional®, an all-in-one suite of PC performance and security tools; Search and Recover™, a powerful data recovery tool for retrieving deleted files and photos; DriveScrubber®, the #1 best-selling utility for permanently erasing data from hard drives; as well as System Shield®, performance-focused antivirus and antispyware software. for more information see

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