Help! I Need Someone to Fix My PC

pcscanhelp1 Help! I Need Someone to Fix My PC

It seems like every time I am in the middle of something important my computer does something crazy and I end up having to call someone to “come fix my pc.” If you are reading this then you are like the millions of people who know how to use their computer, but when something goes haywire then you end up having to ask someone, like I do, to come ‘fixmypc’.

Don’t be embarrassed that you don’t know what to do when your computer screen turns black or white for no reason, or you get that dreaded BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH. There are a multitude of computer issues that require us to search for someone to ‘fix my computer’, that is why there are computer specialists and fixmypc programs available to solve these computer problems.

I have had the “hard drive error” message on my computer a couple of times over the years of owning different computers and each time I would have to have someone come fix my pc or I would search the internet on my child’s computer looking for ways I can fix my pc for free. Most of the time I found little luck in finding someone or some program to fixmypc for free and I didn’t want to risk installing a virus or doing more damage by downloading a program that was free. Seemed fishy to me. I am not saying that all computer programs that claim to fix your computer are bad, I am simply stating the obvious, and downloading a free fixmypc program might not be the best idea unless it is from a reputable website.

I have owned about 8 to 10 different computers of my own over the past dozen years and some of the common computer problems I would run into that would lead me to looking for help to fix my computer included such issues as: BIOS Error, Virtual Memory too Low, Computer Making Loud Noises, and the most common reason(s) every for me calling the computer guy was because my computer would be running too slow.

If your computer is running slow there is an issue and you need your computer fixed. When my computer would start to get slow I would use a program that I bought to fixmypc and usually that would work. Most of the time I would find out that my computer was overrun with viruses and I needed to fix my pc quickly before it got any worse. Your computer might being running slow, you don’t have a program to fix my computer in this case, and my best suggestion is to find a fix my computer program, find an online service that offers fix my pc programs for a reasonable price, or call a computer specialist and tell him you need him to “FIX MY PC NOW!” Isn’t it always urgent when you have a computer problem and everything you need is on that computer, your work information…everything you need to do is on that computer and it is messed up all you can think about is somebody come fix my computer, I can’t live without my computer and I need someone to fix my pc before I lose my mind!

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