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10 Ways to Boost PC Speed in Windows 7 and Vista

This article shows several ways to speed up your device by changes to the configurations in Windows 7

Older versions of Windows, Vista and XP contains, could also benefit from some of these tools, depending on what upgrades you have installed. if you run XP or Vista, some of these steps are not relevant to you because of the different features in Windows 7

Switch off Snap Aero and Aero Peek

Windows 7 spectacular visual presentation and extra features can slow down your computer. This is especially true if you install the new software on your current computer, with an older graphics card. Reel in the blow by going to Start -> Control Panel -> Ease of Access, and choose to generate it to focus less on hard tasks. Then uncheck the box next to “Prevent Windows ordered automatically when moved to the edge of the screen.” Then right on your task bar at the bottom of the screen, select run, and clear the check box next to “with Aero Peek to preview the Desktop.”

Enhance Energy and Power

Windows 7 is supplied with standard configurations of power between power consumption and overall system performance balance. get the best performance to plan by maximizing your energy. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Power Options -.> Show Additional plans and select High Performance

with Sleep and Hibernate

As an alternative to shutting down and restarting the computer every time you use it, why not just continue where you left off and have your machine in just a few seconds? Sleep mode turns off your appliances to low energy, so you can leave open files and packages that come back to it hours or days later, and have exactly the same meeting, open and ready for you. Initiate sleep mode from the shutdown list. do

if you like to close your computer for an extended period of time, the hibernate feature saves the current session to disk, and your packages and files restored next time the computer. Hibernate is not a standard feature in Windows 7, so you must configure it manually. How-to:

1 Go to Start -> run and type cmd.exe in the dialog box

2nd Right-click cmd.exe and select run as administrator

3rd You should have a dark text “Command” box popped up. Enter powercfg / hibernate on and press Enter

4th Then open the Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Power Options. You see your current energy option selected. Click on the mark. “Change plan settings’

5th click Change advanced power settings change

6th Select ‘enable sleep Sleep’ from the list, and then hybrid, and click off, then click OK

now you should notice in the shutdown options on your start list Hibernate.

Turn off thumbnail preview

Thumbnail view displays the contents of the folder when you search on the folder icon. Together with the visible improvements in Windows 7 compared to XP’s thumbnail feature is nice to look at, but it is not very good aa use of memory when if you are after faster PC performance switching it off my computer and go to Organize -..> folder and search options for files and folders, select View, then tick the box “Always icons, never thumbnails”

. Switch off Startup TOOLS

Windows 7 has a lot of packages to open immediately when you boot up. Many of them are good, but pretty much all You do not need them as soon as you start your device, open Windows Defender andhit Tools -.> Software Explorer, Windows opens to reveal the tools immediately at startup this software, you ensure that you do not need to open, and click. Click on “Disable”

Optimize your sounds

Trim a bit more fat off of Windows 7 by the sounds and alerts first, select Start.. – > run and type mmsys.cpl in the search box. if it appears the popup window, open the Sounds tab and under Sound Scheme, click Select no Sounds. Then Apply and OK.

Customize and tweak your system settings

WinBubble is download a free application that can easily help your Windows settings for a better efficiency here are only 5 of the implementations, you can.

Edit Owner Data – plan to speed up file and opening to fit the context menu – just click on visual settings change copy / transfer – is records, quickly write disk cleanup right-click menu – fast access to your computer schrubbenPassen shortcut icons – just find your data

Performance Updates keep your application updated the ideal total power to obtain from your PC. Windows software updates and security fixes installed on your computer. bookmark in your browser their network. Also you will notice regular updates for your drive driver (such as audio, video etc.), then in addition note the manufacturer URLs to check further upgrades.

Check your firewall

it is probably a slow PC a victim of malicious programs or viruses, sometimes known as malware, adware or spyware. Spyware keeps tabs on the information on your home computer and can do it for thieves submit your credit card or similar private information used to check and see if your firewall is on Hit Start -..> Control Panel -> Network and Internet Connections -.> Windows Firewall

clean your registry

the registry is like a library, the storage of your computer programs and information. In time, as programs are added or removed, and opened more frequently than other common applications, your registration ends with records scattered disorganized. An old or overloaded registry can machine crashes.

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