4 Tips to Speed Up My Computer – How to Restore Your Computer Speed Like a Brand New One in Minutes! – Tech news, videos, reviews

 4 Tips to Speed Up My Computer – How to Restore Your Computer Speed Like a Brand New One in Minutes!   Tech news, videos, reviews

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Windows Vista is a pretty heavy operating system and needs the latest configuration to start up. however, with time, the performance and speed deteriorates. to speed up my computer, you can follow certain Vista performance tips that can help you dramatically improve its speed within minutes.

1. A corrupted Windows registry could be the culprit slowing Vista down. getting it repaired could speed up the OS instantly. but it is really risky to do it manually because you might end up deleting some critical information. instead use safe registry cleaners that erase unnecessary registry list items efficiently without any loss of crucial entries.

2. make use of Windows Defender: this is a built-in application in Windows Vista that helps your computer fight against any malware, whether it is adware, spyware, or virus. In addition, Windows Defender also includes a Software Explorer option or tool that lets you see the list of startup programs. it also provides you with the option to disable programs that you do not wish to start with your system. In order to see unwanted startup programs and disable them, click ‘Start’ and go to the ‘start Search’ box. Type Defender’ and then press Enter. this will load the Windows Defender page. Click on the option that says ‘Software Explorer’. Ensure that it shows you the category that says ‘Startup Programs’. Check the list of programs here and remove unwanted startup programs. this is one of the effective to speed up my computer and helps in your computer starting up fast.

3. Turn the Indexing feature off: this is another of the important Vista performance tips to speed up my computer. Vista automatically indexes files on your system. Although this feature is helpful and makes it easy to locate and access different files, it affects Vista performance. you can turn indexing off by going to ‘Start’ and then typing ‘Indexing’ on the ‘start Search’ box. Click ‘Enter’ and then the ‘Modify’ option. next uncheck all the files and folders to turn off indexing.

4. Alter the visual settings: you can customize these visual enhancements by going to start > Control Panel > Performance Information and Tools. on the left hand side, click ‘Adjust Visual Effects’. you can then disable all visual effects by selecting ‘Adjust for best performance’.

These Vista performance tips can really help me to speed up my computer in minutes. for additional information on registry cleaners and other options, you can visit the following link:

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