Call for action after death of Ferndown pensioner (From Bournemouth Echo)

1295589615 48 Call for action after death of Ferndown pensioner (From Bournemouth Echo)Call for action after death of Ferndown pensioner

12:40pm Wednesday 19th January 2011

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RESIDENTS of a Ferndown street on which a man died in a road accident on Friday have spoken out after claiming that traffic authorities had ignored previous campaigns for a slow down.

an 86-year-old man died after being involved in a collision while standing by his car on Glenmoor Road. Moving floral tributes have been left at the scene.

While the cause of that accident is not yet known, some residents say they have campaigned for safety improvements and enforcement for many years.

Ann Johnson gathered a petition of over 100 signatures in 2006 calling for action against speeding but said police and council officials told her that nothing could be done.

“My husband and I had a meeting with the council and the police at Ferndown,” she said.

“We were told they couldn’t get anything done. Signs would be too costly and no one had been killed or hospitalised. We were aghast.

“The speed the traffic goes along here is appalling sometimes and the parking in the road outside the school is an accident waiting to happen.”

Michael Harvey, who has lived on Glenmoor Road for 27 years, found a car on its roof in his driveway about 18 months ago.

he said: “My son was up late on the computer. I heard him shout. I ran out and a car was upside down on my driveway with a man and his girlfriend inside.

Glenmoor Road links two main roads. There’s a busy road, a parade of shops, a surgery, and a school where they go from four years of age.

“At the time of dropping off and picking up, it’s an accident waiting to happen.”

he said the road sign was replaced several times each year due to accidents, and that a neighbour had replaced fencing and bushes with a brick wall after damage from cars.

Town mayor Councillor Jean Read said that while nearby roads had traffic calming measures, Glenmoor Road did not.

Maryanne Pike, head teacher of Parley First School, said the school had worked closely with the area’s PACT committee of police and community leaders to tackle parking issues.

Dorset County Council spokesman Michael Carhart-Harris said there had been no collisions resulting in personal injury on Glenmoor Road for three years and only a small number of complaints about speeding in the 30mph zone.

A Dorset Police spokesman said: “Following a recent PACT meeting, the issues of traffic management along Glenmoor Road and parking issues near the school were both raised as priorities. We are working with our partners to address these.”

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