Easiest Way To Speed Up Your Computer – Startup Applications

1293962410 12 Easiest Way To Speed Up Your Computer – Startup Applications

Have you noticed that your computer slows down over time? Longer start up times and generally slower performance? On this tutorial I will show you how you can speed up a Windows PC by disabling a number of the startup apps. This tutorial is just for people using Or windows 7, Vista, and Windows 7.

Why the computer slows down over time

When you get a brand new installation of Windows there aren’t any applications running without anyone’s knowledge and the computer is nice and fast. When you install new applications, many of them automatically add themselves to Window’s startup list. after that, whenever Windows starts so those applications; they raise the time it takes for Windows to load plus they run in the background consuming resources. Which is one of the main reasons that a Windows PC gets much slower with time.

Startup applications – what they are and the things they’re doing

Startup apps are applications that start when Windows starts. Usually they’re used to (1) start the application form automatically every time so that you do not have to do it manually (2) look for updates and notify you.

Here are some examples of exactly what do be found in the average user’s startup list:

Startup App: Adobe Acrobat

Exactly what it does: Pre-loads Adobe Acrobat resources to ensure that pdf files are loaded faster.

Do you want it? if you don’t plan to read a pdf each time you utilize your computer, it’s easier to load the time on demand in order that it doesn’t consume resources needlessly.

What happens if I disable it? Nothing. if you try to open a pdf file, Acrobat Reader will automatically load those practical information on you. The only real penalty is the extra second or so it takes initially you open a pdf file.

Startup App: Java Scheduler

Exactly what it does: Periodically checks for Java updates and notifies you (about monthly).

Do you need it? It’s really a personal preference. Some software ought to be kept up to date for security reasons, much like your operating system and your browser. Java does not have to be. I prefer to update it manually if the version I have starts causing problems.

What are the results if I disable it? Java will no longer automatically update on your pc. But concurrently you get eliminate a resource wasting process.

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