Eboostr 4.0 Grows Fast Online, And Offers Speed and Performance for PC’s Everywhere at a Competitive Price from

 Eboostr 4.0 Grows Fast Online, And Offers Speed and Performance for PC’s Everywhere at a Competitive Price from

London, March 01, 2011- it is truly amazing that a simple device like eBoostr 4.0 can make such a big difference in one’s computing life! it speeds up your PC and improves application responsiveness by using flash memory and free RAM as an extra layer of performance-boosting cache for your PC.  Productivity is increased while providing added stability with simplicity, convenience and cost-effectiveness.  with prices starting at £12.99 GBP eBoostr uses up to four inexpensive flash devices to speed up your system and makes it easy to add more speed to your PC without any hardware upgrades!

When it comes to high quality applications, believing is seeing and eboostr is filling a niche market with the knowledge there is a huge need for speed, among Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 users.  with full compatibility eboostr dramatically increases RAM and flash disk devices cache speed.  eBoostr gathers statistics on applications you use and how often, optimizing their performance by pre-caching their files and data and allowing faster access speed and reduced delays.  your most used applications start faster. the more often you use a particular application, the faster it performs.

Perfect and easy to use with your sandisk cruzer or usb flash drive, eboostr accommodates a universal personal need.  eBoostr is an alternative solution whether a corporate or home user, to Vista’s ReadyBoost and SuperFetch technologies now available on Windows XP.  it even features an advanced cache/statistics viewer so, really seeing is believing!

The elements of technology being used here are straightforward and simple to understand.  eboostr puts them together in a one-of-a-kind package that makes for convenient, easy-to-operate memory upgrades that meet the needs of lifestyles today.  No more slow loading hard drives and notebooks gain more speed without the costly upgrades.  now Flash USB is making it easier than ever!  Plug one or more flash memory drives, install eBoostr and say “Yes” to speeding up your computer.  Supports both USB and non-USB removable media devices (CF, SD/SDHC, MMC, xD and other memory cards), as well as additional hard disks.

London’s e/booster limited, is a provider of educational materials for career professionals. e/booster provides its customers with new tools to make the most of their existing personal skills and computer hardware.

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