How do I Speed up my computer?

1294567211 31 How do I Speed up my computer?

How can I speed up my computer without reinstalling the operating system and all the programs? Follow the simple steps below,

1. Hardware Upgrade: Operating system and software performances are limited by the hardware capabilities. Upgrade your hardware – RAM, Processor and Hard drive, for a faster computer.

  • For Windows Xp (the following hardware specifications are recommended for a faster computer)- 1-2 GB of RAM (If you are on budget Upgrading RAM alone is enough)- Pentium III (Dual core)/IV or Celeron M Processor- 80 GB Hard drive is sufficient. More the merrier. I have a 500 GB external Hard disk.
  • For Windows Vista and Windows 7, the recommendations are,- 3-4 GB of RAM.- Pentium 4 Dual core or more.- 320 GB Hard drive is sufficient. you can always get an external Hard disk.

2. System maintenance and Performance tweaks:

  • Disk Cleanup Tool:

    Run Disk cleanup tool from start > all programs > Accessories > system Tools > Disk Cleanup. No need to compress unused system files, just cleanup recycle bin and temporary folder. this is will give additional space if you lack enough of it on C: drive, for the page file (Virtual memory) to run well.

  • Manage Desktop:

    Move files and folder from desktop to other locations, as the files on there will take up memory. Move all the files and folders except the short cut links.

  • Scan Windows system files:

    Go to start, run and then type sfc /scannow. this should start the system File check (sfc). this checks for corrupted system files (resulting from frequent new installation of programs, viruses and hard disk problems) and replaces with working versions. Running this just once in a while will do.

  • Antivirus and Antispyware/Malware scan:

    Schedule your antivirus and antispyware program to run once in a week. Scanning for viruses and spywares regularly will ensure high performance of your computer.

  • Uninstalling unneeded programs:

    Use your favorite uninstaller or Add or Remove programs from the control panel, and uninstall the unused or unneeded program. the whole process won’t take more than 1 hr, but its worth it, to keep hard disk compact and registry size small. I personally use Secure Uninstaller, it is much better than the Add or Remove programs tool as it completely uninstalls all the traces of the program (including registry keys) in a secure and safe way freeing up registry size as well as hard disk space ensuring a speed performing computer.

  • Turn off Windows Theme visual Effects:

    Go to, Control Panel > system and Maintenance > Adjust Effects or Performance or Control Panel > system > Advanced Tab, click on settings near Performance, choose Adjust for best performance and OK. this should immediately speed up your computer.

  • System start up programs management and services:

    I use a tool called Soluto, it lets you turn off unwanted start up programs and background windows services which speeds up boot time and save memory space.

  • Hard disk Defragmentation:

    Scheduling this to run once in a month is good enough. If you have it schedule already, then good. Defragmentation tool, combines all the fragmented pieces of hard disk data into continuous block, which makes executing files much faster.

Note: To schedule any program, go to control panel > scheduled tasks or Task Scheduler 2.0 and choose the program from the list and choose the time interval over which the task should loop, and that’s it.

Hardware upgrades along with performance tweaks with system maintenance should speed up your computer to its max!

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