How to fix problems with your PC’s Registry

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QUESTION I recently used Registry Repair Pro, CCleaner and Revo Uninstaller to clean out my Windows XP PC. But after defragging the Registry my PC doesn’t recognise either my internal or external DVD drive – both are marked in Device Manager with a yellow exclamation mark. I also get Windows hardware device error codes 41 and 19. System Restore won’t let me go back far enough to undo the damage. Alan Russell

HELPROOM ANSWER Messing around with the Registry when you don’t know what the changes will do is never a good thing. you should also stick to using one Registry cleaner or maintenance program, and use it sparingly.

I would normally suggest using System Restore to roll back the machine to a time before the problem occurred. since this won’t work for you, right-click My Computer and choose Manage. Expand Device Manager and DVD/CD-ROM to show your drive. Right-click the drive and select Uninstall. Reboot the PC and it will reinstall the drive with the correct driver.

To get System Restore working correctly again, go to Start, My Computer, Properties, System Restore. Tick ‘Turn off System Restore’, then press Apply, yes. Wait for the old restore points to be deleted, then clear the ‘Turn off’ box, click Apply and exit.

Assuming everything is back to normal, create a new restore point. go back to System Tools, System Restore, but this time choose ‘Create a restore point’. Follow the wizard to complete the task.

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