How To Make Your Computer Speedier

 How To Make Your Computer Speedier

Running a brand new computer is pretty cool for a lot of reasons. One is that because technology is always increasing and getting better, chances are any new computer you buy will be much faster than your previous one. And it seems that the older you computer gets, the slower it goes. In this article you’ll learn some useful tips that can help speed up your computer, so you can put off buying a new one if that’s what you want to do.

The first tip is to do a thorough scan for viruses, root kits, spyware and adware. these are all a little different, but generally they slow down your computer. One thing to be careful of is getting an all in one defense system, because sometimes anti-spyware programs can actually slow your computer down as much as the spyware they are trying to defend against. In order to get the maximum speed, make sure the anti-spyware is set to scan your computer when you aren’t using it.

One way to speed up your system if you happen to be running a laptop on a windows machine is to check your power saving features. sometimes laptops are defaulted to a mix between maximizing battery life, and maximizing processor speed. if you are plugged in to an outlet, then you can turn your processor speed up to maximum, and your battery saving power down to minimum. You can find these settings under control panel, and under power options.

While the next tip may seem obvious, sometimes it’s easy to forget. Having too many applications open at once is a big drain on resources, and can slow down your system considerably. make sure you close all applications when you are finished using them, so you don’t waste precious resources.

The final tip is not free, but it can help significantly. And that is to simply add memory to your machine. Memory has gotten incredibly cheap lately and can add an extra gig or two for twenty or thirty dollars. this can dramatically speed up your system, and make it seem as though you actually do have a new machine.

You can apply these ideas anytime, and when you do, be prepared to be amazed at how quickly your computer speeds up. You may even decide that you don’t need a new computer after all. And this can save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

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