Issues That Can Cause Slowness In Your Computer

1306141249 66 Issues That Can Cause Slowness In Your Computer

Is the wrong security software stealing resources from your system? unfortunately many programs touted as security software actually use up a great deal of your systems memory and other resources. this can cause your computer to be sluggish and not perform as you would like. if the software is constantly monitoring and scanning for threats, while this might sound reasonable, it can degrade your PCs performance.

When programs are uninstalled sometimes remnants are left behind. this can also cause your computer to be slow. These remnants can cause the operating system to delay as it attempt to determines what needs to be done with them, if anything.

The size of the Pagefile can also affect your computers speed. the page file is a temporary place that the computer used to process functions and move files around. It is a buffer that can help improve the performance of your computer. however if the pagefile setting is too small there will not be enough room to perform these functions and it can affect the speed of your system. You can set the pagefile size in the Virtual Memory section of the Advanced tap in Performance, Settings and Properties after right clicking on your my Computer icon.

Is your computers hard drive just about out of space? It could be filled up with many temporary Windows or Internet files. if you have less than ten percent available space you need to begin house cleaning. the Disk Cleanup utility is a great tool to begin as it will find all items that are safe to remove quickly.

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