Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal

 Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal

By NazreenNizam, PSM women’s desk coordinator

March 8, 2012 — In conjunction with International Women’s Day 2012, Parti Sosialis Malaysia [PSM, the Socialist Party of Malaysia] wouldlike to commemorate women’s pursuit of liberation, real justice, equality andfreedom.

Thisyear is the 101st year we are celebrating International Women’s Day. Thanks to our leftist and progressive comrades who proposed such an idea, backin 1910. the United Nations theme for the Women’s Day celebration this year is "Empower rural women – End hunger and poverty’.

Whileit is true that majority of our rural women, especially in East Malaysia, areliving in poverty, the urban women too are deeply distressed with their lowincome jobs, lack of social security, discrimination at the workplace and home,long work hours, lack of child-care facilities at the workplace, and the list couldgo on. the women are further burdened with the government’s neoliberalpolicies which led to privatisation of all basic needs that keeps the cost ofliving high. There are still many girls and women out there, both in rural andurban areas, who are illiterate.

Nodoubt, there has been much remarkable progress among Malaysianwomen in self-advancement and capitalism did contribute to that, but as aworking class, we are still the oppressed class.

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