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Antivirus 7 looks like a real antivirus software, but it is not. it is malware and is just trying to get you to install it. One you are tricked into installing it you will see annoying pop up after pop up telling you that you have a keylogger or a virus on your computer and you need to remove it and guess what. You have to pay to do this. Once this happens you need to know h

How does antivirus 7 get on your computer?

This usually happens when you go onto a malicious website that generates a pop up warning you that a keylogger, spyware, or a virus has installed on your computer and that you need to remove it. the pop up looks real enough and many people have been tricked into installing this malicious software.

Once it installed it even installs an icon on the taskbar that looks like a genuine antivirus software, except it is not and it does not even work properly, it is just after your money!

How do you get rid of this.

The biggest problem with trying to find out how to get rid of antivirus 7 is that as soon as you try to do anything to stop it you will get one pop up after another warning you of viruses. here are the steps you need to follow in order to eradicate it totally.

#1 the first job is to stop this malware running before you remove it. You do this by running task manager. Do this by pressing the ctrl-alt-del keys together and then task manager will appear. You then click on the processes tab.

Once you have done this you need to locate antivirus7.exe in the list, highlight it with the mouse and then click on end process down the at the bottom of the screen.

#2 Download and run a system and registry scanner . Install it and run a full system scan. Do not run a quick scan. this will find and get rid of antivirus 7 for you.

Following these steps in order will help you to get rid of antivirus 7 and leave your computer running fast and error free. Click here to scan your computer now.

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