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To fix a slow running computer, it all comes down to one extremely important step in order to improve the speed, performance, and longevity of your laptop or desktop computer. Read on to see exactly what you need to do in order to make your slow running computer operate much more faster, optimized, and error free!

You see, when you download files, install new programs, remove programs, etc., all of this information is actually still stored in your computer. Where this information is stored at is in your registry. the problem of a slow running computer will come to light if the registry gets too full or becomes corrupted with spyware, malware, viruses, etc.

Now, with that said, the most effective way to speed up a slow computer and/or a computer that is constantly freezing or getting errors quite frequently is to get the registry scanned and cleaned. This step will make a tremendous difference in not only your computer speed but also with the performance.

Besides getting the registry repaired, a couple of other things I also recommend for you to do before you run a registry cleaner is to remove unwanted files, pictures, software programs, etc. that you no longer want/need. Doing this will actually help speed up your computer somewhat.

So, if you want to finally fix a slow running computer once and for all and get it much more optimized and running smoother like it’s supposed to, then I strongly recommend that you get your registry scanned and repaired.

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