Slow Computer Tips – 3 tips To Speed Up a Slow PC quickly

Every time you use your computer does it slow to a halt, report strange errors or crash with a blue screen full of funny looking numbers? if this has happened to you then you can put a stop to it quickly with these slow computer tips.

Here are the steps you need to take to make your computer fly again.

#1 Remove anything you do not need on your computer. many people keep installing one program after another and this slows the computer down, until it grids to a halt. every time you install something it will use some memory, many programs use this computer memory even when they are not running until there is not enough free memory to run anything else.

#2 Remove any adware or spyware hiding on your computer. There are many sites that will download this malicious software on to your computer as soon as you visit them. You can protect yourself from this by using a good antivirus software and following these slow computer tips.

If you are seeing pop ups all over when you use the internet you are probably infected. Adware just displays annoying ads but spyware can steal away your passwords and other confidential information.

#3 Fix the windows registry. in 90% of cases the slow computer is down to the registry. The registry is a database or library that windows uses to find where everything is it needs to run. As time passes entries are added for programs you never use and eventually corruption creeps in. this is also where adware and spyware hide their entries to enable them to work.

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