Slow windows laptop – My Laptop is slow to start up and run what can I do

 Slow windows laptop   My Laptop is slow to start up and run what can I do

Over time, Windows Laptops typically run slower and are not as responsive if not regularly maintained. you do not need a computer shop. you can improve slow Windows laptop performance yourself. you can save your money and speed up the Windows laptop at the same time. Here is how.

#1. Malicious programs such as Viruses, Adware and Trojans are a leading cause of the slow Windows Laptop . These  cause poor performance. you should download and install the latest and outstanding security software, which can detect and clean the threats on your laptop. Also, you should keep your Antivirus program up-to-date and scan your Windows laptop regularly to sped up a slow windows laptop.

#2. Fragmented files can cause your Laptop to slow down. While your Windows system loads the data from your hard disk, it does not constantly get the information in the same location. During this processes some files become fragmented. if the fragments increase too much this makes your Windows laptop run slowly due to the laptop has keep retrieving these files from all over the hard drive. In order to increase your laptop speed, you should run the Disk Defragmenter Program.  go to Start> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Disk Defragmenter to help speed up a slow windows laptop.

#3. There are too many programs which are running. While you start up your computer, the programs on the taskbar start menu will be automatically launched. each icon represents a running program on the background of your laptop. these programs will reduce the precious memory and processing power or eat up a lot of resources on your laptop. Stop all unwanted applications runnnig at startup . you can do this by removing them or downloading a system and registry scanner to optimize your computer and do it for you and speed up a slow windows laptop.

#4. Registry errors infection are the main reason your laptop works slowly. as time goes by use of the Windows operating system will leave the Windows registry with errors and invalid information which can cause the most high tech Windows system to be sluggish and crash. In order to stop your laptop from running slowly download a nd run a system and registry scanner. This will speed up your slow windows laptop and makie it run faster. Click here to scan your computer now.

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