Speed Up and Optimize Your Computer with Free SlimComputer

1301648421 79 Speed Up and Optimize Your Computer with Free SlimComputer

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SlimComputer is a free utility specially designed to speed up and optimize your computer by removing unnecessary startup processes, unneeded programs and toolbars that is clogging and eating out your system resources.

Junk like toolbar is usually preinstalled to computer when we install new software, the additional toolbar is not that harmless, it consume part of our bandwidth and also collects detailed information of our browsing history. By removing these additional toolbar will certainly increases our internet speed, clear out browser appearance and giving us a better browsing experience.

Many of installed programs will automatically includes a startup entry to our system as well. Some of it is visible but others are hidden. Its usual to just notice that system startup has become slower but in actual fact it’s with same speed but busy starting up those unnecessary programs.

Slimcomputer comes in handy in removing these system clogs and giving you a faster startup. Other than its attractive looking interface it provides user friendly and direct instruction too. With just one click on Run Scan, it is able to removes all the unneeded programs, toolbars and startup entries. If you wish to further increase your startup speed, click on the Optimize tab and remove all optional and unwanted startup entries which are in yellow and red colors.

I personally recommend this free utility despite it has already obtain good editor and user rating from various Software download site. It is fully compatible with XP, Vista and Windows 7 and since it’s free why not give it a try. Please subscribe to us if you found this useful.

Download free SlimComputer here

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