Speed up Computer – How to Fix a Slow Computer With These Three Steps

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A fairly common question asked by computer users is, how do I speed my computer up? It’s difficult to say how to increase the speed of your computer without knowing the configuration and the software’s installed. however, there are some recommendations that tend to help most people irrespective of what your computer configuration is.

If you’ve had your computer for over a year, the chances are that there are hundreds of unused files scattered in your system. using the Disk Cleanup tool (comes along with Windows) will help in cleaning up these files. Most people are aware of this; however, it is the large number of hidden temporary Java files created by installers, which causes the system to slow down.

Cleaning up the registry will also help in improving the speed of your computer. The registry is a database on your computer that is used by all the software’s and hardware’s. usually, in a new computer the registry entries are few and as you install new software programs, the database starts to saturate and will slow you computer.

Every day, when you start the computer, the system scans through the entire registry and it starts getting slower as the size of the registry increases. Therefore, regular cleaning of registry is recommended.

Manually cleaning the files in the registry can be tedious and a complicated task. Knowing what files and records are no longer needed is almost impossible. One of the reasons is that the list of records can be in multiple sections and locations. To do this task, you can use the registry clean up software. there are several registry cleaners that are available for trial as well as for free too.

Is your computer running like molasses? Wondering what happened to that lighting quick CPU you thought you were buying? Want to learn how to fix a slow computer? well what if you could return your CPU speed to it’s brand new out of the box performance? Follow these steps and you can fix slow computer speeds the easy way!

1. cut down on those startup programs. every new program we install wants to sneak itself into our startup commands. and unfortunately they often run in the background without us knowing, eating up valuable RAM. Remove the registry entries that execute those programs at startup and it will speed up computer start time and overall performance.

2. Run a disk defragmenter. The disk defrag will tie up all loose ends and speed up access to different files and programs. You should also see a bump in speed while your are browsing the internet. Microsoft recommends you run a disk defragmenter once a month to keep CPU performance at a high level.

3. Perform a registry clean up. This may be the most important aspect of making your computer run faster. Whenever someone asks me “why is my computer slow” I then ask them when is the last time they cleaned up their registry? a congested and corrupted registry slows down your computer significantly. To fix slow computer speeds you need to make sure that registry is repaired and optimized.

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