Tips Tell You How to Fix Slow Windows XP

1285578011 27 Tips Tell You How to Fix Slow Windows XP

When you purchased your own pc, everything was fantastic when the system performed rapidly. However, you must be irritated with the grumpy performance of your pc system when it is completely maxed through consistent use. If that you are suffering from your slow Windows XP performance, it is not necessary to think about replacing the hard disk drive because there are a couple of recommendations for you to take care of the lousy Windows XP issue.

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Why Windows XP Turns Slow?

After you bought your computer, all sorts of things were cool and also clean. your pc operating system may well handle many different applications quickly. And furthermore your computer boots under 60 seconds possibly even shorter. now why your personal computer turns into second class eventually? Honestly, at the time you established the Windows XP Operating system inside the machine, there is not actually a lot of data and application included within your hard disk drive. Soon, you may put various programs as well as application, keep even more files on your hard disk as well as place in games in your hard disk. Consequently, when you need particular files or perhaps application to be loaded, the computer system must look into almost all these files to find the single file you want. It’s really no wonder your computer functions much less speedily.

The sluggish Windows XP may also be a result of corrupt pc registry. you will find just about every opportunity where things crash when you have added or removed applications or programs out of your computer quite often. Eventually, your Windows XP OS would certainly be operating slowly.

How to Fix Slow Windows XP

In fact, you shouldn’t have to re-install the Windows XP if you are sick and tired of your slow overall performance. Plus this information is planning to show you some tips in order to fix slow windows XP as well as accelerate Windows XP. When you need to bring the great performance back to your computer, you should consider the following tips.

Cut down the fonts inside your computer system. your computer will launch each fonts set in your system. When there are actually a lot of fonts saved in your pc, it might reduce the time for the computer system to apply all of them. moreover, you do not have to use this much of fonts in the system, therefore you may remove unnecessary fonts to boost the computer’s overall performance. However, you have to pay attention to the particular fonts required for your computer, including Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Times new Roman, etc. If you want to get rid of unnecessary fonts, just take a look at the information down below:

  1. Click on My Computer > double click C:
  2. Create a new directory > name it “Fonts Backup”
  3. Click on Windows > Fonts > select the unwanted fonts
  4. Copy these fonts and paste them into the new directory
  5. Return to Windows > delete the fonts you selected

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