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If you find computers confounding, confusing and complicated, SeniorNet can help.

The national nonprofit group’s mission is to provide computer training at low cost to adults 50 years and over.

A new round of SeniorNet classes is starting at the Willow Glen Community & Senior Center with registration beginning Oct. 2 at 1 p.m.

Among the offerings is a class in computer maintenance and security, which deals with protecting your computer against viruses and spyware. the same class will teach students how to get rid of popups, speed up machine starting and how to check when the computer is low on “main memory.”

Other classes include word processing, greeting cards, best of the Internet, file management, Google, Windows XP, Windows 7 and three in digital photography.

Additionally, there are classes for beginners.

Each class meets once a week for two hours for up to eight weeks. Prices vary, but most classes are $20.

Each student has a designated computer to use in class and coaches are there to help with any questions or problems.

For questions about the Willows SeniorNet, call 408.371.3999.

There are also SeniorNet classes in Almaden at the Almaden Community Center, 6445 Camden Ave., 408.268.1133 and at the Cypress Senior Center, 403 S. Cypress Ave., 408.244.1353. Classes are already under way at those two centers, but by calling you can be put on their mailing lists for the next round.

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