Ways To Speed Up Your Slow Computer

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A computer is one of the best machines or stuff that human race has invented. But over time your once brand new fast PC starts to run slower and slower. Sometimes the PC gets so slow that the computer can be become almost unusable.

The computer is invaluable to the present generation, with its easy access to just about everything.

If you own a computer, one of the most common problems you’ll likely have is that your computer will become slow, whether you upload or download files. You can speed up system, though. Here are some things you can do to speed up your computer.

Make sure your hard drive memory is sufficient. Mostly our computer system slows because of the heavy applications or programs that we installed on it. You must make sure that your hardware is in good condition.

One thing you can try is to compress the files you have to keep, so that you free up some memory on your hard drive. Make sure as well that you do a complete computer “cleaning” every now and then, so that unused files are cleared out of your system and free up further memory.

Scan your computer from viruses, spyware and adware there are lots of developers that produces applications or programs for you to scan your files. one of the reasons why the computer is slow is due to the viruses’ and spywares that your file contains which you are not aware.

Make sure that when you download or upload files to your computer system you must scan them first to avoid viruses and spywares that might harm your computer system.

System errors are another problem that can slow down your computer. Again, one of the many cleaning programs available can often help you get rid of this. In addition, if you notice your computer is running slowly after a recent download, you can remove that download and see if that helps. Once you know this, you can avoid doing this again in the future.

If your PC is still acting to slow after you’ve done everything you can to free up memory, clean your PC, and so on, there are still a couple of things you can do to make things better. First, reinstall Windows, and make sure key hardware components like memory are adequate.

One of the cheapest options to help speed up your PC is to add more memory. You should have at least 1 GB of memory if you run XP, and at least 2 GB of memory if you run Windows 7 or Vista.

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