What are some good ways to speed up my pc?

1284526811 44 What are some good ways to speed up my pc?

It’s 5 years old and it’s starting to run a little slower. I’ve used disk defragmentor and disk clean up, but it help too much. Other people have recommended registry cleaners, but I’ve heard from others that they can create problems. what are some suggestionsIt is know that PCs get stacked with lots of pieces of information after long use , and the longer you use your PC the more the amount of these pieces of information , now most of them might not be needed or might be even related to programs you have un-installed long time ago , so they cause your computer to slow down , the perfect solution would be formatting your hard disk and re-installing windows , but this will result of losing all your saved data and programs , the other solution would be using a registry cleaner like :

for example along with disk clean up and defragmenting your hard disk ( both are built in within windows ) and that will give you faster PC .

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