Win a Lite-On external DVD writer

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They are also ideal for cheap backups that can be safely stored away from thecomputer.

Computeractive has teamed up with Lite-On to offer seven lucky winners aLite-On eHAU324.

The eHAU324 connects to your computer using a USB2 cable, so there is nocomplicated installation to worry about. it works with all kinds of DVD and CDdiscs including dual-layer DVDs and the slightly rarer DVD-Ram, using atechnology called Super AllWrite. Dual-layer discs can store up to 8.5GB ofdata.

If you’ve ever worried about throwing away discs that contain personalinformation or pictures, the eHAU324 comes with the Smarterase utility, whichcovers the whole disc with random data so that it can be safely thrown away.

It burns discs at an impressive 24x and the Smartwrite technology makes surethat the best possible speed is used for a particular brand of disc.

For your chance to one of these useful DVD writers, simply answer thequestion shown below before 14 October 2010.

For more information about the eHAU324, visit the Lite-On

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