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How will a slow PC mess with your life?

1311584419 69 How will a slow PC mess with your life?

Think of the countless times when your life has come to a grinding halt due to a slow PC and how frustrating the experience was. whether you are a CEO, small-business owner, student, or someone at home surfing the Internet, a slow PC can be frustrating and counter-productive. If you are a PC user, slow is going to get you and mess with your life.

With an increasing dependency on technology, we waste countless hours dealing with slow computer issues, which often stem from a computer virus. Viruses are one of the most common causes of sluggish computers, making them crash, compromising your security, and possibly erasing your computer’s memory.

We have all experienced the frustration of a slow PC acting up at a critical moment; like when you’re rushing to meet an important deadline, bagging a special offer, or just buying the last available movie or concert ticket online. The anxiety and rage that it can potentially cause is something we have all experienced at some time or the other.

The increasing number of devices and software used with PCs has led to a speed meltdown, and there are times when you just stare at the spinning hourglass on your screen as precious time ticks by. Extreme aggravation, irrational frustration and just plain old impatience are the result.

What you may find out is that a slow PC is a symptom of a long list of possible problems. having experienced the very real anxiety felt by people who live with slow computers, iYogi has launched the “KillSlow” movement at with its thousands of tech experts, iYogi offers on-demand, free diagnoses for any consumer over the Internet. Tech experts help you quickly identify the reason for slow on your computer and also help you with virus removal.

IYogi is an independent, remote technical support provider for consumers and small businesses, with in-depth knowledge of what it takes to keep your PC running fast.

Don’t put up with your slow PC when you can quickly and easily take care of those symptoms. For more information on how to KillSlow call 1-855-killslow (1-855-545-5756) and bring your PC back to speed with a free diagnosis from iYogi tech experts.

Now, there’s no longer a reason to live with your slow PC when you can quickly and easily take care of those symptoms – before the slow gets to you.

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Helpful Tips To Increase PC Speed

 Helpful Tips To Increase PC Speed

It happens a little at a time, such that you often really don’t know that it’s happening until it’s totally obvious. I’m referring of course to your computer slowing down and in fact many people, and you may be one of them, just simply accept it as fact. They just get along with a slow computer that eats away at their precious time.

The fact is thought that you shouldn’t have to put up with your PC functioning like a clunker because with a little know how you can have it right back zipping along just like it did when it was new. also the good news, is that you don’t need to be a “techie” either and in fact if you can perform basic functions like sending emails then you have the skills to do what it takes.

The easiest way to explain it, is that there’s an area in your computer that’s called the registry, and this is where information that you want to keep to access at a later date is stored. now the problems are caused when registry applications are improperly removed. when they are, what happens is that in fact stay around, take up space, and slow things down.

If you’re asking “is there some way that I could speed up my computer for free? Where can I find software tools that can speed up my computer free of charge?”, then visit to find tools that can help you boost up your computer. If you’re looking for the most amazing tool with more features that can speed up your PC, then you should look up speed up my pc 2011 in our site too.

So your very first task at hand if you’re looking to get your PC running like it did when you first bought it, is to do what’s called “clean your registry”. It’s important. What this does is go through your PCs memory and clean out any unnecessary files, programs, and cookies. now if that sounds a bit confusing to you, that means that you’ve never done it yet which in turn means that it’s high time that you did get it done.

To get the job done, you will need a software tool called a registry scanner. It basically goes into your computers memory and cleans out all the old cobwebs so it’s free to function quicker. Much like if you had memorized so many things that your brain was so cluttered with useless information that you had trouble remembering new things.

Now before you head out to find a registry scanner tool online, you need to be aware of just a few things, so you can get the job done right the first time. for instance, you need to know that there are several versions out there. next you need to know that the best versions come equipped with several useful features like automatic recall. You use this feature to bring back information, and files that you wanted to keep.

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How To Speed Up Your Laptop Computer

1285822842 21 How To Speed Up Your Laptop Computer

Do you ever get frustrated because your laptop computer is just plain too slow? you click on something and wait, and wait some more.

Well, I do, and it frustrates me to no end! I admit that I have very little patience to begin with, so when my laptop is slow, I get irritated. especially because I have so much work to get done, and I simply don’t have time to wait on a slow computer.

As luck would have it I found an answer to my slow computer. What I did to speed up my computer was add some more RAM (Random Access Memory).

Now, you could go out and by a new computer, but that can get costly! so I want to recommend adding some more RAM to Your laptop. you will be surprised how simple this is to do. Not only that, it is very inexpensive also. I added 1 Gigabyte of RAM to my laptop for around $50.00 and my computer is twice as fast as it used to be! I was absolutely blown away by the difference in speed!

So if your laptop is slow, don’t go out and spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a new one, just add some more memory to the computer you have. you can do it yourself with ease and save alot of money!

All you have to do is go to a website called and put in all the specifications for your computer and it will come up with a recommendation to max out your computers speed. also it will show you how much the memory upgrade will cost. Not only that, there will be an installation video that will show you how to install your new RAM upgrade to your computer.

What I will do next is demonstrate how simple this process is via sreencapture video and . I am going to actually install the memory upgrade on my laptop.

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